PheedLoop’s Integrated Attendee Schedule Selection Feature: Powering Your Event Experience
October 10, 2023

At PheedLoop, we've always understood the significance of a personalized attendee experience - it's a fundamental aspect of enhancing the event for your audience. Over the past few months, we've been quietly working behind the scenes, adding new capabilities to an instrumental feature for event personalization, the schedule selection feature. Whether you're an event organizer or an attendee, we've taken every angle into account, ensuring that your event experience is as smooth and tailored as possible.

Today, we're thrilled to unveil the PheedLoop Schedule Selection Feature in its full glory. This isn't just a feature; it's a game-changer. Schedule selection empowers attendees to choose which sessions they want to attend, pre-plan their event, and secure their spot for a session. As an event admin, you have the flexibility to enable or disable schedule selection for any session you've uploaded, making it a powerful tool for engaging your attendees. Let's dive into the details and discover how this feature can elevate your event.

Schedule Selection is Integrated in all External Facing Attendee Experiences

One of the standout features of PheedLoop's Schedule Selection is its seamless integration across all external-facing attendee experiences. Your attendees can choose the sessions they want to attend at various stages of their event journey:

During the Registration Process

Right from the moment your attendees register for your event, they can start building their personalized schedules. This not only builds excitement but also helps them plan their time effectively.

Member Portal

PheedLoop's Member Portal is a personalized space for attendees. After registration, they can access this portal, which is an excellent option if you want to provide a tailored experience without giving access to the Virtual Portal or Event App just yet. Here, they can modify their session selections as needed, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Virtual Portal

For virtual events, attendees can easily manage their schedules within the Virtual Portal. It's a cohesive experience that keeps attendees engaged and informed. It even allows attendees to browse upcoming events without having to leave their current livestream!

Event App

The PheedLoop Event App is a powerful tool in the hands of your attendees. They can select and manage their sessions effortlessly, even on the go. Even better, attendees can export their personal schedules in a PDF for printing or they can connect the event and individual sessions to external calendars! What's remarkable is that any changes made in one platform are automatically synchronized across all others in real-time.

Session Registration can be Managed Manually by the Event Admin

As an event administrator, you have full control over session registrations. In the PheedLoop Dashboard, you can effortlessly access session details and attendance records. This granular control allows you to:

  • Add individuals to sessions, accommodating last-minute changes or VIP requests to provide personalized agendas for attendees.
  • Set limitations on the number of attendees that can RSVP to a given session.
  • Restrict who can RSVP to sessions based on tags and tickets. 
  • Remove attendees from sessions when necessary, ensuring that sessions are neither overbooked nor underutilized.

This level of flexibility is invaluable when managing complex event schedules.

Send App and Email Notifications to Session Registrants

Effective communication is at the heart of every successful event. PheedLoop understands this, which is why we've integrated a robust notification system into our Schedule Selection feature. From the dashboard, you can easily:

  • Send email notifications to attendees registered for specific sessions. This ensures that they receive relevant information, updates, or reminders about their chosen sessions.
  • Push notifications via the Event App provide real-time alerts and keep attendees engaged and informed.

These notifications can be customized for each session, ensuring that attendees get the most relevant and timely information.

Download Session Registration Data Reports in Real-Time

In the world of event administration, data is king. Event organizers constantly seek real-time insights into session registration and attendee interests. With PheedLoop's Schedule Selection feature, you can access and download detailed reports in real-time. These reports provide a line-by-line breakdown of all attendees registered for each session, including those who've expressed interest.

This level of data granularity empowers you to make informed decisions, analyze attendee preferences, and fine-tune your event to cater to their needs effectively.

Wrap Up

PheedLoop's Integrated Attendee Schedule Selection Feature is more than just a tool; it's a catalyst for transforming your event management. From seamless integration across attendee experiences to granular control, real-time notifications, and in-depth data reporting, this feature elevates your event to new heights.

By offering attendees the ability to curate their schedules, you enhance their event experience, fostering engagement and satisfaction. For event organizers, it's a comprehensive solution that simplifies administration and delivers valuable insights. PheedLoop's commitment to innovation ensures that you stay ahead in the competitive world of event management.

In a world where events are as much about experience as they are about information, PheedLoop's Schedule Selection feature empowers you to create unforgettable moments for your attendees. Embrace the future of event management with PheedLoop, and watch your events thrive like never before.

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