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March 15, 2023
Product Updates

In-line Ticket Forms & Attendee Schedule Selection Now Available in PheedLoop’s NEW Registration!

In-line Ticket Forms & Attendee Schedule Selection Now Available in PheedLoop’s NEW Registration!

At PheedLoop, we are constantly striving to provide event organizers with the best possible solutions to manage their events. Ever since our start back in 2015, our Registration system has provided event professionals with a powerful system they can rely on to register their attendees. Recently, we launched our brand NEW Registration system, which was met with an incredible response, with many people already benefiting from the custom registration categories, category-specific settings, and streamlined user experience in the new Registration system. 

Although this rollout has been a huge hit, we are not done yet! One of the most requested features for registration on PheedLoop is the ability to have mandatory questions on a per ticket basis and to allow attendees to personalize their own schedules.

Our product team has been hard at work, and once again, we are excited to announce the release of TWO of our most anticipated features:
1. In-Line Ticket Forms, and
2. Personalized Schedule Selection for attendees!

These features are sure to further enhance the registration experience for both event organizers and attendees moving forward.

1. In-Line Ticket Registration Forms

For the first time ever, you are now able to collect information on a per-ticket basis during the registration process. By associating a custom form to an individual ticket, attendees can answer a set of unique questions for every ticket they purchase. If you set this as a mandatory step, the registrant must answer the questions before successfully checking out.

This feature is particularly useful if you want to ask specific questions conditionally based on the tickets that an individual attendee selects. For instance, for an in-person event, you may want to collect information on T-shirt sizes for different attendees, whereas for a virtual event, you may not need that information. With this feature, you can create a more intuitive registration experience for attendees, while also capturing more information and managing complex registration flows.

Additionally, this feature allows for more flexibility when collecting data. By asking questions specific to only some ticket holders, the data collected can be used more effectively to make informed decisions for the event. For example, if you are hosting an event with multiple breakout sessions, you can collect data on which sessions are most popular, and allocate resources accordingly!

2. Personalized Schedule Selection for Attendees

Schedule Selection is another powerful feature that is now available on PheedLoop's New Registration system. This feature allows attendees to add sessions to their personal schedule during the registration process. By enabling this option, you can allow registrants to add sessions to their own personalized schedule, which will sync with their profile within the Event App and Virtual Portal.

This feature will also take into consideration any schedule conflicts with other sessions, session tag/ticket restrictions, and overall session capacity. Attendees can easily view their personalized schedule and make changes as necessary. This feature is particularly useful for events with complex agendas or for those that require attendees to attend particular sessions to receive credit or certification.

For example, if you are hosting a medical conference where attendees are required to attend specific sessions to receive continuing education credits, you can use the Schedule Selection feature to ensure that all attendees have selected their required sessions during the registration process. This not only ensures that attendees receive the necessary credits but also helps you as an event organizer to manage attendance and track participation. It’s important to point out that you as the event organizer also have the ability to mandate the personalization of a schedule to complete a registration, ensuring that you have final say over your attendees’ schedules. 

Wrap Up

Team PheedLoop has been committed to listening to customer feedback and providing the best event management solutions possible.The release of In-Line Ticket Forms and Mandatory Schedule Selection features is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative and user-friendly solutions.

By collecting additional information via In-Line Ticket Forms, event organizers can create more personalized experiences for attendees and make informed decisions based on data collected, while enabling attendees to personalize their schedule during registration allows them to create a more engaging and customized experience, leading to greater satisfaction and retention.

We are excited to see the impact that these new features will have on our customers' registration flows and look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions for event management in the future!

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