Virtual Events With Exhibit Halls, Streaming, Posters And Networking!

Go beyond webinars and step into the future with a powerful and affordable virtual event solution for conferences, trade shows, academic meetings, and more.

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Go Far Beyond Webinars With PheedLoop's Virtual Schedules

From effortlessly running multi-track schedules to engaging attendees with real-time chat, PheedLoop empowers you to engage hundreds or thousands of attendees instantly

  • Live stream via PheedLoop's native Meet & Stream system, seamless integrations such as Zoom, or even pre-recorded videos
  • Real-time chat, questions, polls, and presence detection create the ultimate social experience for session attendees
  • Leverage advanced features such as session access restrictions, pre-roll videos, speaker portals, file sharing, and much more

Run Virtual Trade Shows That Deliver Real ROI To Exhibitors

Fundamental to any successful exhibit hall and trade show experience is the ability to have real-time awareness, face to face conversations, lead generation, and analytics

  • Live visitor tracking show your exhibitors in real-time exactly who is visiting their booth, allowing booth staff to start conversations
  • Exhibitors and attendees can instantly jump into private video calls (using PheedLoop Meet), text chat, or screen share sessions
  • Implement powerful features such as lead retrieval, exhibitor portals, real-time public chat boards for booths, and floor plans

Real-Time Attendee Networking That Brings Virtual Attendees Together

PheedLoop's virtual attendee networking tools go beyond basic text chat. Attendees experiencing PheedLoop powered events meet face-to-face, with like minded colleagues in real-time

  • Real-time presence tracking empower attendees to always see who is around them at the virtual event, and connect privately
  • PheedLoop's built-in meeting system allows individual attendees or groups to communicate over secure video calls
  • Unlock advanced features such as meeting booking, push notifications, file sharing, social media links, and more

Powered By PheedLoop's Full Event Management System

PheedLoop is far more than just a virtual event platform. Whether you're planning to go hybrid or fully virtual, you get access to PheedLoop's powerful EMS and event experts.

  • Instant access to full event registration, payment processing, check-in, embeddable widgets, and registration reminders
  • Mobile (iOS/Android) + web event app with gamification, polls, meeting booking, wireless badge printing, and push notifications
  • Event websites, call for abstracts, physical and virtual floor plans, and portals for speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees

Newest Product Updates & Announcements

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Receive Instant Virtual Events Demo, Full Product Guide, Pricing
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see a demo and learn more about virtual events?

To see a live demo of the platform, receive a formal proposal, and get started with PheedLoop, the best step would be to generate a request for information here. You will also receive the immediate opportunity to book a meeting with one of our staff members.

How long does it take to start building a virtual event?

Once you've opted for PheedLoop to power your virtual event, you'll immediately get a set of resources, an account, and an account manager who will help you every step of the way. All you need to do is set up your event's content, design, and registration (or import attendees). This all usually takes a few days of work at most.

How many attendees can simultaneously participate in a virtual event?

There are no limits on the number of attendees participating in your virtual event. On the streaming and sessions side of the virtual experience, your choice of integration may affect this. For prerecorded video uploads or our native RTMP, there are also no limits. No limits for networking or exhibit halls either.

Do attendees have to download anything to access the virtual event-platform?

The virtual event experience is built for the web, so no one needs to download anything, ever. We do recommend the use of Google Chrome for the best experience. PheedLoop Meet for face-to-face video networking is entirely web based. Our native integrations with Zoom, ClickMeeting, and BlueJeans are web based too.

How much does PheedLoop's virtual event solution cost?

PheedLoop's virtual event solution is designed to be super affordable, so it can cost as low as $1 per attendee. The per attendee price changes depending on your number of attendees and on which modules you're looking for between virtual sessions, exhibit halls, networking, and registration.

What makes PheedLoop's virtual event solution different?

PheedLoop's virtual event solution is a product built from the ground up to support countless real-time, social, and face-to-face features that make events truly meaningful. Many platforms simplify virtual events to live streaming retrofitted in an event app. PheedLoop is designed for events aiming for more than streaming.

What do PheedLoop's customers have to say?

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