Floor Plans, Private Portals, Lead Capture, Payments, and More with the Ultimate Exhibitor Management System

Keep your exhibitors moving toward the finish line with a dashboard summarizing invoices and payments, task completions, booth selections and more. PheedLoop’s exhibitor portals, automatic reminders, and sales tools put your exhibitors in the driver’s seat so that you can stop chasing after them, and get back to building a great event.

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Built-In Floor Plan Management System

Say goodbye to clunky third-party applications and say hello to PheedLoop’s floor plan management system. Unlike other platforms, our floor plan system is fully developed in-house and has an interactive floor plan builder, allowing for embeddable widgets, live booth selection, navigation and more!

  • Create, edit, customize, package and sell as many exhibitor floor plans and booths as needed
  • Built-in floor plan builder allows you to add unlimited number of booths with unlimited sizes, as well as custom colors and graphics 
  • It’s interactive (so you can pan, zoom, hover), embeddable on third-party sites, mobile responsive, and synced in real-time with selections, sales and modifications
  • Exhibitors can self-select or be assigned specific booths
  • Perfect for trade shows, consumer shows, and showcases

Private Exhibitor Portals That Save Event Managers Countless Hours

The exhibitor portal is a powerful interface for event planners who are tired of micromanaging their exhibitors. It puts exhibitors in the driver’s seat, and you can manage exactly how much control they have.

  • A private portal for each of your exhibitors, allowing them to self-manage their experiences with all changes synced in real-time 
  • Exhibitors can manage their own portals, profile information, graphics, task assignments, contracts, tickets, payments, billings, and leads that they capture in-person and virtually
  • Event admins have control over what exhibitors can see and edit

An All-In-One Exhibitor Application System

The Exhibitor Application System is a multi-step customizable process that allows prospective exhibitors to  apply, checkout, pay and more all on their own. Save your event planning team countless days of tiring paperwork and never lose a sale again!

  • Select booths, fill in profile information, make payments (credit cards, cheques, wire transfers) and deposits
  • Respond to custom questionnaires, get early access to private portals, reserve booths, custom terms, conditions, rules and logic
  • SalesBoost helps you automatically capture leads early in the application flow so you don't lose a single sale

Lead Capture and ROI All in One Place

Exhibitor lead retrieval enables the ability for attendees visiting an exhibitor’s booth to send requests for information with a single click or badge scan. Let PheedLoop Go power your lead retrieval for both in-person and virtual events by scanning QR codes on badges.

  • Leads are delivered immediately to private exhibitor portals allowing exhibitors to follow up and close deals whenever they need to  
  • Allows exhibitors to take notes on leads, and even give them ratings to ensure they’re capturing high quality sales opportunities 
  • Countless options for event planners to promote their exhibitors as sponsors to maximize ROI
  • Exhibitors can get real-time data for traffic on their in-person and virtual booths using SmartSight
  • You can gamify your event’s lead capture experience to boost traffic and drive more leads to exhibitor booths in-person and virtually

Real-Time Analytics and Custom Reporting for All Your Exhibitor Information

With PheedLoop, you get real-time analytics and reporting for everything and when it comes to Exhibitor Management, there is no exception. Track every booth visit, dollar earned, lead captured, task completed, and more!

  • Track, report and get minute-by-minute analytics using SmartSight on attendee engagement at booths
  • Advanced Custom Reporting allows event planners to export all their exhibitor information to accommodate their custom workflows
  • From profile information, to finance to tasks, you name it, we’ve got custom report templates for it!
  • Combine your analytics for virtual and in-person experiences for the same event or view them separately

One-Stop-Shop For Management, Automation and Finance

With PheedLoop’s one-stop-shop for Exhibitor Management, you never have to worry about managing multiple platforms ever again. Everything can be done all at once, sharing one source of truth, ensuring everything is always in sync

  • Never miss any payments with automatic payment reminders, finance tracking and easy-to-read dashboards
  • Make sure your exhibitors are always on track with automated task management, allowing you to assign, remind and track all automatically
  • Private exhibitor portals help you scale your efforts so that you’re not micromanaging your exhibitors

Virtual Exhibitor Features That Go Far Beyond Webinars

PheedLoop’s Virtual Event Exhibit Hall comes packed with everything you need to run a successful virtual event. From video booths, to lead capture, private portals, 3D booths, and much more!

  • Live video meetings at every booth to simulate an in-person experience with PheedLoop Meet
  • PheedLoop Meet is free and native to PheedLoop, so you don’t have to fiddle around with Zoom or other third party integrations 
  • Unlimited ways to get lead capture even when you’re virtual by placing forms and pop ups that show up at the right time during your event 
  • 3D exhibit halls show a real-time view of attendees at individual booths, giving your virtual event more of an on-site feel
  • Single source of truth whether you’re going from onsite to virtual, or doing both at the same time

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