Virtual Event Lead Retrieval Upgrade for Sponsors & Exhibitors + More Product Updates!

We’ve got lots of new product updates to share this week, but we’ll lead with one focused on virtual events given the demand! We’re also dedicating engineering resources to create technology that will facilitate safer on-site experiences as the world slowly transitions to hybrid events - we are going to be launching new systems for badge ordering through PheedLoop and touchless on-site check-in. Stay tuned!

One thing we’ve found event managers just can’t get enough of are ways to elevate their sponsors and exhibitors. A couple of weeks ago, we launched our new virtual event lead retrieval system which is designed to work with our on-site lead retrieval system (via our event app, badge scanning). We’ve noticed events are getting far more leads for their sponsors and exhibitors as they’ve gone virtual, and this week we’ve launched another update to virtual exhibitor lead retrieval to further boost ROI for your valued sponsors and exhibitors.

Files that exhibitors and sponsors attach to their booths can now be protected with a pop-up that requires attendees to submit their lead information prior to gaining access. This is a powerful strategy that exhibitors easily employ on-site, and now it’s possible virtually as well! 

  • Exhibitors that have lead retrieval enabled will still have access to standard lead capture tools and live booth visitor tracking systems
  • Attendees who have yet to submit their lead information will be able to see file names, but upon clicking on them, will be asked to submit their lead information
  • Attendees can submit their own uploaded files as well as notes when submitting their information, and the captured leads are funneled directly to exhibitor portals
  • Files can be uploaded via the event admin dashboard, or via private exhibitor portals

This should really help your exhibitors and sponsors gain a lot more ROI and valuable lead information. We know how important this is to event planners, so we’ve got your back and will keep releasing new systems to help you out!

What Else is New this Week?

  • Day filters are now available in the filters menu for the virtual sessions and stage
  • Schedule personalization is now available in the virtual event portal, and syncs with the event app, registration, microsite, and attendee portal schedule selection systems (with access to conflict detection!)
  • Custom booth ordering for exhibitors now available in the virtual exhibit hall
  • Search sessions and speakers via the virtual event portal's sessions section
  • Sponsor images linked in the virtual event portal’s carousel and session-based sponsor affiliations to sponsor websites
  • Booth managers in virtual exhibit booths listed with more profile information and clearer indicators to start chats and video calls

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