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May 20, 2020
Product Updates

New Virtual Exhibitor Lead Retrieval for Virtual Trade Shows and Events!

New Virtual Exhibitor Lead Retrieval for Virtual Trade Shows and Events!

We’ve had our heads down as we continue to work around the clock to produce a better virtual events platform with every iteration. We’ve implemented some large new feature updates recently which we’ll roll out to all accounts over the coming 2-3 weeks as they come out of beta. It’s very motivating for our team to play a central role in the virtual events and business continuity strategies for such a large number of organizations, especially as we look forward to a future where events are bound to shift to hybrid.

Today, we’re excited to announce a highly anticipated upgrade to our virtual exhibitor and sponsor lead retrieval system for all events!

A common concern events going virtual have right now is how they’re going to provide value and a return on investment to sponsors and exhibitors. After powering countless virtual events over the last few months now, we’ve found that the ROI for virtual exhibitors and sponsors is far greater than in-person events precisely because they have access to valuable, detailed, and simply far more data.

If you’re powering your trade show in PheedLoop, you already know about some of the critical functions exhibitors and sponsors have access to:

  • Live public booth chat and rich profiles
  • Real-time virtual booth visitor tracking and historical virtual foot traffic information
  • One-on-one video calls with booth visitors with screen sharing using PheedLoop Meet
  • Private portals to self-manage their profiles, staff, leads, and more
Virtual Event and Virtual Trade Show Lead Retrieval for Exhibitors and Sponsors

With our newest upgrade to the lead retrieval system, attendees can now self-initiate the lead retrieval process before exhibitors even get to them and leave additional details with their automatically captured contact information!

  • Every exhibitor which purchases or is assigned lead retrieval has a request for information button available on their virtual exhibit hall profiles all the time
  • Attendees, at any time, can drop their virtual “business card” with notes
  • Exhibitors get immediate access to that attendee’s contact information, and can download, export, or copy that information from their exhibitor portals at any time

We’re already seeing exhibitors and sponsors experience massive gains in leads, and we believe this along with an even further improved version coming out in a few weeks will help you provide your valued partners with the kind of exposure and ROI they expect.

Let us know if you have any questions at any time. Keep an eye out for next week’s major feature announcement. It’s a very exciting one that will help you keep attendees engaged between the days of your virtual event even when they’re offline and the event isn’t running.

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