File Uploads Now A Part Of Task Automation For Exhibitors, Sponsors & More
January 9, 2023

When building a big conference or event, organizers need to work in lockstep with speakers, exhibitors and sponsors to ensure that all required tasks, forms and files are completed before the big day.

This can lead to a lot of back-and-forth emails with file attachments and spreadsheets to keep track of it what needs to get done for each participant.

We’re happy to announce that those days are over. This month, PheedLoopers have been hard at work upgrading our task system so that event stakeholders can help move the event forward and organizers have the proper oversight to ensure a high quality event.

After adding the ability of stakeholders to mark their own tasks as complete and creating the task queue system for organizers, the ability for tasks to include file uploads is now available!

You can now download and upload files to make submitting forms or uploading logos and photos easy!

So your exhibitors, sponsors and speakers can now:

  • Receive an email reminder about their outstanding tasks
  • See a task in their portal such as a providing a form, high-resolution headshot or logo
  • Upload the file (in any format including .pdf .png or .ai) as part  of their assigned task
  • Mark the task as complete, pending the organizer’s approval
  • Take a moment to consider how many emails that simple process saves

Event organizers 

  • Create tasks for their stakeholders
  • See completed tasks and files in their Review Queue
  • Verify that tasks are done and mark them as complete
  • Maybe have a coffee or tea and move on to the next thing

Imagine the time you’ll save by letting PheedLoop send reminder emails to all your stakeholders  and check off tasks with the files waiting for your review.

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