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Stop wasting time and money on fragmented event software solutions. PheedLoop combines your event's registration and badge printing systems so check-in is simple and data is secure. We've also committed ourselves to providing the lowest cost badges on the market.

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Checked-In To Printed Badge In Seconds

PheedLoop's badge printers instantly print custom badges for your attendees on-site in real-time (or shipped to you pre-event). No long line ups, scrambling through piles of badges, or changing names on-site.

  • Use a smartphone, tablet or laptop to wirelessly print badges
  • Badges and labels are printed in less than 1 second
  • Check-in kiosks allow instant badge changes, eliminates re-prints

Customize And Print Beautiful Premium Badges

PheedLoop offers various material and design options, ensuring your badges look amazing every time. Full color, durable materials, custom fields, and lots of space to promote sponsors and event details.

  • Integrate QR codes for engagement and tracking
  • Choose fields, font sizes, and positioning of attendee details
  • Create custom designs for different groups of attendees

Integrated With Registration, Event Apps, Check-In

Your badges can be so much more than dangling pieces of paper or plastic. From design to print, you can choose to integrate your badges with the incredible power of PheedLoop's software tools.

  • Scan QR codes or tap NFC chips to track attendance, network, and play
  • Use self check-in kiosks to personalize and automate badge printing
  • Print badges straight from your mobile event app by scanning tickets

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your price guarantee for badges and lanyards work?

Simply put, we will beat the pricing for any badge and lanyard quotations you receive outside PheedLoop by 10% for identical products.

What types of on-site services does PheedLoop offer for badges and check-in?

You have the option to invite our staff on-site along with our check-in and badge printing kiosks to manage everything for you, or you can run the systems yourself using your own tablets and printers. On-site, we will manage everything related to registration for you. If you are managing systems yourself on-site, we can ship all supplies to you. Badge and lanyard shipping is free.

What types of badges and lanyards do you offer if we are ordering via PheedLoop?

For pre-printing and on-site printing, we offer a standard set of badges and lanyards: Premium plastic or economy card stock event badge - 3-15/16" x 5-1/2" (100 mm x 140 mm), custom logo lanyards or plain nylon lanyards

What are the QR codes on badges useful for?

PheedLoop's event app has a built-in QR code scanner, used by event staff to check attendees in/out of the event and sessions, exhibitors to capture leads, and attendees to network. We also have NFC support at an added cost if QR codes are not acceptable.

What kinds of details can I include on badges?

A significant part of your badge design will be the graphics and theme which can contain any information you like (e.g. sponsor logos and schedules). For dynamic field data, by default, the attendee's full name, title, organization, and any custom tags are available. An optional QR code is also embedded to aid with session check-in, engagement games, and lead capture.

What do PheedLoop's customers have to say?

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