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May 25, 2021
Product Updates

Zoom Integration Updates! Live Interpretation, Pre-Assigned Breakouts, Audio/Video Previews, and More!

Zoom Integration Updates! Live Interpretation, Pre-Assigned Breakouts, Audio/Video Previews, and More!

If you’re using PheedLoop for virtual events, this one’s for you! For all you on-site folk, we’ve got some exciting updates coming for you too, next week. In fact, we’re going to be unveiling all our refreshed on-site products at our Q2 user conference, Pathfinders, that we’ll open for registration early June!

When it comes to streaming content for virtual events in PheedLoop, after our native Meet & Stream system for true live and Upload & Stream system for simulive, the third most popular option is our white-labeled Zoom integration for streaming your content. It’s fully built-in to PheedLoop requiring no downloads, links, or extra authentication - it’s just a great option for people who love PheedLoop and Zoom and want to combine the best of both worlds. Because it’s white-labeled, we’ve also adapted the interface to match your event’s brand.

Over the last many months, Zoom has continued to release updates to its platform and PheedLoop has worked to integrate them. Today, we’re announcing the next wave of updates to the Zoom integration! The following features are now live as of today for all events to test and enjoy:

Simultaneous Live Audio Interpretation Now Supported

In addition to all the live captioning options PheedLoop offers, Zoom’s own simultaneous interpretation feature is now available within the PheedLoop integration! We know this has been highly anticipated given how many multi-language events we run on the platform, so we are very excited about bringing this function to all customers. Zoom’s captioning features are also supported.

Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms Now Supported

The last release included Zoom’s popular breakout room features, but required attendees to make their own selections when moving into a room. For event planners that like to have a bit more control over curating the breakout experience, they now can use pre-assigned breakout rooms to do just that. Go nuts!

Reorder Gallery and Speaker Views in Webinars

A challenge events previously had was the inability to offer both gallery and the speaker views inside a webinar. Now the ability to benefit from both views means attendees can get a good view of your panels in webinars including speakers and their shared screens simultaneously.

Preview Video and Audio Before Joining Meetings

Much like PheedLoop Meet where you can check to make sure you look and sound good before diving into a meeting, you can now do the same thing with Zoom. Before you join any meeting, you’ll be able to preview your webcam and microphone feeds, and select the option to join the meeting once you’re happy!

Other Minor Changes

  • Support for auto and manually approved registered Zoom Meetings has been added
  • Automatically joining a webinar if you’re a panelist has been added
  • Support for joining webinars that require manual approval has been added
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