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September 29, 2020
Product Updates

Week of September 28th, 20+ Quick Product Updates!

Week of September 28th, 20+ Quick Product Updates!

Our team is working extremely hard to release some major new features in the coming weeks, but we’ve also been constantly updating and upgrading PheedLoop in smaller ways, typically on a daily basis based on customer feedback (as has been the case for years). Some of you have asked us to list some changes out more publicly, so here’s a list of some smaller changes which have rolled out in the last couple of days!

  • Announcements can now be ordered in the virtual event lobby based on their manual ordering if display date/time is not set
  • Text wrapping improved for long tags for sessions in virtual event portal sessions list
  • Session access restrictions improved to allow attendees who have any tickets or tags selected to attend the session, instead of having both tickets and tags
  • Add to Schedule button added to the event website’s “Sessions” template for each individual session, allowing attendees to build personal schedules pre-event
  • "Add to Calendar” buttons improved to strip out HTML tags from the event and/or session descriptions
  • Session streams are no longer pre-loaded in the background behind pre-roll videos, but loaded or unloaded when streams are enabled or disabled allowing for more streaming options
  • Exhibitor file uploads default order now alphabetical
  • Session attendance PDF certificate improved to include a track’s credit value in addition to the session’s, allowing for more sophisticated accreditation programs
  • Time zone labels added to the event website’s schedule and sessions templates (event’s time zone), and on the individual session pages (attendee’s time zone)
  • ClickMeeting integration improved to auto-set thank you URL to your virtual event portal
  • Zoom Web SDK updated to 1.8.1 (latest)
  • Loading speed of all events page in the admin dashboard improved
  • Lazy loading features added to the event website templates to improve loading speed and performance
  • Reset gamification points option moved to the scavenger hunt area for easier access
  • Added new report allowing event admins to export the full list of overall virtual event attendees
  • Added “last seen” column and date/time stamps for all attendees to all virtual event data reports
  • "Event Admin” badge added in virtual event portal if you are logged in to your virtual event with your admin account, for easier distinction
  • Co-exhibitors are no longer auto-approved for new exhibitor applications
  • North American servers significantly improved (events with 10,000+ attendees can be handled without notifying us now)

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