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February 26, 2020
Event Technology

6 Ways Pheedloop Delivers More Conference Registrations Without Creating More Promo Codes

6 Ways Pheedloop Delivers More Conference Registrations Without Creating More Promo Codes

A poorly thought out conference registration process can make an exciting event seem like a drag. In the midst of signing up, potential attendees can question if the event is worth all the effort of figuring out what they get for their money and inputting so much personal information.

When your conference registration is quick and easy, rather than a tedious barrier to completing the purchase, more people get to enjoy all the benefits of your conference. Plus, you make more revenue from your event. It’s hard to beat a combination like that!

From the start of the registration process, PheedLoop helps event organizers with six features that set your event up for success: more attendees and more ticket sales.

PheedLoop Adds Discounts For Group Tickets

You can create up to three price breaks with decreasing unit prices for tickets.
  • Discounts for group tickets are applied when a select quantity of tickets are chosen
  • The connected tickets feature manages exhibitor and sponsor guests and staff

Promotion codes can get unwieldy very quickly. If an event organizer goes down the path of creating promo codes for every exhibitor, sponsor and type of discount, you could create hundreds of promotion codes before the day of your event.

Instead, PheedLoop uses logical discounts based on the number of tickets in an order. For instance, a person registering for five tickets will see a price reduction of 15% for each ticket and a person registering more than 12 can get a 20% discount.

Group registration, often the bane of registration systems, gets a dose of common sense in PheedLoop. Just enter the name, email and dietary restrictions of the additional people that need to be registered after the purchase. Don’t let office run-arounds get in the way.

We would be remiss to forget Connected Tickets, an additional feature that lets exhibitors and sponsors register their booth staff and guests in their respective portals. They don’t need to go through the full registration and payment process. Your exhibitors and sponsors will thank you.

Pheedloop Captures Emails At The Beginning Of Registration

  • The conference registration flow asks for email address in the first field and saves the lead
  • Attendees are reminded to finish their conference registration via email in coming days if their registration is left incomplete

Capturing an email address is the focus of so much digital marketing strategy and landing page optimization, it’s a mystery that some conference registration platforms don’t ask for it right away. PheedLoop doesn’t make that mistake -- it’s the first thing users are asked for! 

As with any purchase, there can be last minute hesitation about the value being delivered or outstanding concerns regarding different aspects of the product. Through no fault of the event organizers, a number of potential attendees will drop out and forget to return later to register.

Getting the email as the first piece of information ensures that if a person leaves the registration process they can be contacted again and reminded to finish their purchase. Event organizers should consider employing more urgency or addressing common concerns in follow-up emails and landing page messaging.

Like any good connection at a networking event, the follow-up is what matters. PheedLoop makes sure that you can stay in touch.

PheedLoop Returns Drop-offs To Register With SalesBoost

  • SalesBoost is PheedLoop’s automated email remarketing system
  • Potential attendees receive multiple emails inviting them to return to complete their conference registration

Part of the reason why it’s important to collect an email address early in the registration process is that PheedLoop’s automated email remarketing tool, SalesBoost, can get to work if it’s needed. SalesBoost sends a series of emails to any potential attendee that drops out of the registration process. 

It’s a lightweight (and free) customizable reminder for attendees to return and complete registration. 

Any conference organizer who keeps an eye on ticket sales patterns knows that selling tickets can be a matter of timing. These users have already expressed some interest in the event, they may just be waiting for that final concern to be addressed before they complete the transaction.

Compared to retargeting ads that might tag people in the registration conversion funnel, this kind of email marketing is extremely effective.

PheedLoop Only Collects The Information You Need

  • PheedLoop collects only basic information by default
  • Event organizers can add more custom fields to their conference registration as their needs dictate

There is one major barrier to completing registration that every event needs to reckon with: How much information should we collect?

Studies have found that the number and type of questions asked in forms can have a huge impact on the completion rate.

PheedLoop gives event organizers flexibility in terms of both the number of questions asked and the type of input for custom questions. The only mandatory questions are: email address; first name; last name; and, when the user reaches the appropriate stage, payment information. Event organizers start with the basics and have the freedom to build their conference registration from there.

We generally recommend that you only ask questions that are crucially important to the success of your event, and use other systems for collecting general information and feedback.

PheedLoop Leverages Your Website To Sell Tickets 

The lower portion of the page is a PheedLoop schedule module, seamlessly embedded.
  • Embed the conference registration module in your event’s website with simple copy and paste HTML
  • Maintain brand continuity and sell tickets for multiple events on the same page

Creating a new website for your event in PheedLoop is as easy as pie. PheedLoop offers a unique URL for your event as well as every section you might need to promote speakers and register attendees.

If you like this option, organizers can input logos and colours to make the event website reflect your brand.

Of course, many event organizers already have a fully branded website that its attendees are familiar with. PheedLoop can work with that. Many of PheedLoop’s most powerful features can be embedded in any website with a simple HTML copy and paste including the conference schedule, floor plan, registration module and more.

Many events use this option to run overlapping annual events on the PheedLoop platform and cross-promote tickets. 

PheedLoop Lets Pixels Help You Sell More

Pre-built forms in PheedLoop event settings make it easy to use Facebook and Google tracking IDs.
  • Easily add tracking IDs to your event website and registration modules
  • Google Analytics & Facebook Ad pixels are two commonly used attribution and marketing tools
  • Custom scripts can also be added

Any digital marketer will tell you that website pixels are wonderful little pieces of technology. These small pieces of code can be easily copied and pasted onto almost any website to enable new capabilities or add insight into what’s happening on the page.

PheedLoop embraces website pixels so that event organizers can take advantage of these tools for their event. Two of the most common pixels that event organizers use are the Facebook pixel and Google Analytics tracking code.

The Facebook pixel can help a marketer create targeted ad groups inside Facebook’s ad platform, as well as attribute conversions to Facebook ads.

Google Analytics tracking code is another pixel that can track conversions, as well as deliver information about how your other marketing activities like emails might be performing.


Convincing an attendee to buy a ticket (or several) is a big accomplishment and your conference registration system should make that process easy! PheedLoop does more than give event organizers the tools to enable transactions, it add a whole set of capabilities to the registration process that will help you sell more tickets and increase revenue.

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