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June 9, 2020
Product Updates

Introducing the Virtual Event Lobby, a New Way to Promote, Inform, and Socialize!

Introducing the Virtual Event Lobby, a New Way to Promote, Inform, and Socialize!

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With so many new events and organizations using PheedLoop over the past year, the pace of innovation and development we’ve maintained for years feels new and exciting to many. Our culture of weekly feature releases is something we’ve held on to for over 5 years now - so we hope you enjoy using our newest creations as much as we enjoy building them!

This week, another highly anticipated and requested feature is available for use - the Virtual Event Lobby!

Many events have been looking for a place to welcome their attendees, promote sponsors, and encourage mingling and introductions - much like the registration and badge pick-up areas for in-person events (ah, the good ol’ days!).

The Virtual Event Lobby is a place for exactly that. Instead of attendees jumping right into your virtual event’s schedule, they are now greeted with a vibrant, brandable, social and active virtual event lobby.

Multi-Channel Social Media Feed

Built-in to the Virtual Event Lobby is the ability to set up a live social media feed, which can pull from just about every channel out there. From Twitter and Linkedin, to Instagram, Facebook, and even Slack!

Live Chat and Presence Indicator

Given the popularity of PheedLoop’s context-aware chat and presence monitoring module, we’ve added it to the Virtual Event Lobby as well! Now, attendees can see who just jumped into the portal as well, share their hellos and introduce themselves, and bump into new people.

Splash Video

Upload a video directly to PheedLoop to autoplay the moment an attendee accesses your virtual event. This is a great opportunity to promote sponsors, share opening remarks, provide instructions, and show off your brand.

Splash Banner

Event planners seem to love new real-estate options for their sponsors, so here’s another one for you to start using. Upload a banner image which will span the top of your lobby, and give your sponsors the recognition they deserve.


Events can now use the full capabilities of PheedLoop’s announcements system to display important information or even additional sponsored messages as announcements right in the Virtual Event Lobby. Use features such as pre-scheduled release dates and times, push and email notifications, image embedding, and more.

If you think all these updates are great, just wait until you see what we’ve got in store for next week’s edition of PheedLoop’s product newsletter! If you aren’t using PheedLoop yet and you’d like to get a demo or pricing information, drop us a request here and we’ll get you set up or just email us at

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