Unveiling Two Exciting Enhancements to PheedLoop’s Call for Proposals System

For event planners, having an organized and seamless Call for Proposals process for your speakers and review committees is crucial. A well-structured CFP process not only brings in diverse and high-quality content that engages your community but it also ensures a well-organized event. In short, it’s the key ingredient to creating an amazing experience at your event!

That’s why, as the industry’s leading event management platform, PheedLoop is thrilled to announce some significant enhancements to our Call for Proposals process, designed to make event planning smoother and more efficient for organizers. Our latest updates focus on two key areas: Approval/Conflict Proposal Detection and Bulk Approval features. With these tools, you can now confidently catch scheduling conflicts early and streamline the process of reviewing, comparing, approving, and grouping proposals into a single session at once. So, say farewell to forcing your CFP process into a one-size-fits-all solution, and welcome the unmatched efficiency and convenience of PheedLoop’s comprehensive proposal management system, tailored to handle complex review processes with ease.

Here’s what busy event planners can look forward to when using these game-changing updates:

Ensuring No Conflicts From The Get-Go With The New Conflict Detection Feature 

One of the biggest challenges in event planning is managing proposal conflicts and ensuring you don’t double-book a speaker or room. PheedLoop’s new Conflict Detection feature aims to eliminate these issues right from the start. Now, when PheedLoop users are approving proposals, our system automatically checks for conflicts based on existing proposals, alerting you to any date, time, and location conflicts before you hit the approve button. This proactive approach allows for streamlined communication with submitters to resolve issues promptly, improving overall event organization and coordination! 

By detecting and resolving conflicts early, you can ensure a diverse and well-coordinated event schedule without overlaps, greatly enhancing the attendee experience. Additionally, providing a seamless and conflict-free submission experience strengthens your relationships with proposal applicants, showing that you value their time and contributions.

Grouping Proposals Into A Single Session In Seconds With The All-New Bulk Approval Feature 

Having worked with thousands of academic conferences over the years, PheedLoop understands the complexities behind academic paper presentations. Some events are straightforward where a single paper is approved to create a session on the program. Other events are more complex where a session comprises several papers. Handling a program where you need to group several papers into one session? No problem, we’ve got you covered! 

Our team made significant improvements to the bulk approval process, making it easier for event organizers to handle large volumes of proposals. With the Bulk Approval feature, our system now organizes related proposals together, simplifying the review process. This allows event organizers to approve or reject multiple proposals in one go, making it easier to compare and contrast them and leading to more informed decision-making. 

By presenting related proposals side by side, the decision-making process becomes clearer, allowing better session planning amongst your event planning team members. This new approach significantly reduces the time and effort needed to review and approve proposals. Plus, event planners are now able to combine multiple proposals into a single session, allowing them to streamline their workflow and focus on delivering a high-quality event.

Wrap Up

These two latest improvements to PheedLoop’s Call for Proposals system are part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best tools and support for event organizers. With these updates, we're confident that your event planning process will be more efficient, organized, and ultimately, more successful. We’re excited for you to try these new features and see the positive impact they’ll have on your event planning. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, so please let us know how these changes are working for you.

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