Transition from Simulive and Pre-Recorded to Live Q&A and More Seamlessly with Session Transitions!

With many new and refreshed on-site and in-person event features continuing to roll out (ICYMI, we released our new interactive floor plan builder for in-person and hybrid events last week), we’re still just as excited about releasing new features for virtual events too!

Advanced Streaming Options Developed So Far

PheedLoop customers already know how much we absolutely love providing as many new and free options to level up their streaming experiences - especially when it comes to pre-recorded content! Over the last while, we released free features like:

  • Simulive to playback pre-recorded content synced in real-time for all attendees as if it’s live
  • Autopilot mode allowing you to sit back and relax as your event sessions run on their own
  • Free and unlimited streaming of pre-recorded content with upgraded limits of 2GB per session
  • Custom background images and animations to level up your streaming experience and branding

One of the biggest requests we’ve received from event planners is an easy to use option that allows them to transition their pre-recorded simulive content to live content, particularly to run a live Q&A session with speakers. All to get the best of both worlds - the simplicity, low-cost, and stress free experience of pre-recorded/simulive, and the dynamic and interactive experience of true live.

As many of you already know and use, Meet & Stream is our built-in streaming experience that makes so much possible.

Now, you can combine Upload & Stream (Simulive) with Meet & Stream or any other streaming option (e.g. our whitelabeled Zoom integration) using Session Transitions!

How Do Session Transitions Work?

Using session transitions is extremely easy! All you need to do is access your virtual event’s backstage. For any session, if you’re logged in as an admin, click on the Meet & Stream tab. It’s totally fine if you’re not actually using Meet & Stream, you can still use the Session Transitions feature as it works no matter what streaming option you are using. Most likely, you’ll be using it to transition from Upload & Stream (Simulive) to Meet & Stream, but this is entirely up to you.

The Session Transition menu will contain a list of all the sessions at your event.

All you need to do is select the appropriate session at the right time, confirm your selection, and within a couple of seconds your attendees will all transition over to the session you selected! It’s really as easy as that!

Session Transitions will be released for all events this weekend!


As always, we have so much more waiting to be released, and this feature is getting us closer to releasing Playlist Mode for your events! Between Simulive, Autopilot Mode, Session Transitions, and Playlist Mode, you’ll truly be able to run incredibly sophisticated, professional, and automated events!

Stay tuned for next week and beyond, we have so many new things to share with you!

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