Top 3 Association Management Learnings from the Where People Meet Podcast!

Our podcast, "Where People Meet," has been a wonderful opportunity to engage with partners and industry professionals in the events and association space. We're incredibly proud to have connected with so many different individuals over the course of our second season. In today's blog post, we want to highlight THREE key learnings from three remarkable podcast guests: Carly Silberstein, Ed Byers, and Danielle Lamothe.

Carly Silberstein: Navigating the World of Event and Association Management

In the episode featuring Carly Silberstein, CEO of Redstone Agency, Canada's fastest-growing event and association management company, we had the privilege of delving into her journey in the meetings and events industry. Carly is not just an entrepreneur; she's a passionate advocate for developing meaningful and impactful relationships.

The Birth of Redstone Agency

Carly shared her inspiring story of how she founded Redstone Agency and the initial challenges she faced. Starting a company is never easy, and Carly's journey was no exception. She discussed the pivotal moments that shaped Redstone into what it is today.

Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a journey filled with valuable lessons. Carly opened up about some of the most impactful lessons she learned along the way. Her insights into leadership, resilience, and adaptability provide valuable takeaways for anyone navigating the world of business.

The Role of an Association Management Company

Carly shed light on what it means to be an association management company and how Redstone Agency helps its clients with event management. Her deep understanding of the industry and dedication to client success make her a true leader in the field.

Ed Byers: Strategies for Revenue Growth in the Association World

In the episode featuring Ed Byers, Founder and President of CANRev Collaborative, we explored strategies for helping not-for-profits and associations grow their revenue to increase their impact.

Falling in Love with the Events Industry

Ed's passion for the meetings and events industry was evident throughout our conversation. He shared what drew him to this field and how it became a lifelong commitment.

The Birth of CANRev Collaborative

Ed gave us insights into his latest project, CANRev Collaborative, and explained its mission and target clientele. Understanding the genesis of this venture provides valuable context for its purpose.

Tips for Revenue Expansion and Diversification

Growing revenue is a common challenge for associations and not-for-profits. Ed shared his successes and failures in starting CANRev Collaborative and offered practical tips for revenue expansion and diversification. His expertise in this area is invaluable for organizations looking to make a greater impact.

Danielle Lamothe: Navigating Resource Challenges in Association Management

In the episode featuring Danielle Lamothe, Vice President of Learning and Innovation at the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE), we delved into the challenges and strategies faced by associations in the ever-changing events landscape.

The Role of CSAE

Danielle's extensive background in the association and membership industry provided a solid foundation for our discussion. She explained her role within CSAE and highlighted the unique challenges associations face, particularly concerning budgets.

Overcoming Resource Constraints

Danielle addressed the impact of rising costs and limited budgets on associations. Her insights into how CSAE successfully executes events with limited resources, especially in the post-pandemic landscape, offer valuable guidance for event planners facing similar challenges.

Innovative Event Design

One of the key takeaways from our conversation with Danielle was the importance of innovative event design. She shared how CSAE has navigated this terrain by offering a mix of in-person and virtual events throughout the year. These innovative approaches can inspire event planners to create meaningful experiences within their own resource constraints.

Wrap Up

The "Where People Meet" podcast has provided a platform for industry experts like Carly Silberstein, Ed Byers, and Danielle Lamothe to share their invaluable insights into association management, revenue growth, and resource challenges. Their experiences and wisdom serve as a valuable resource for professionals in the events and association space, helping them navigate the ever-evolving landscape and drive success in their respective roles. We look forward to continuing our journey of learning and discovery in future podcast episodes, connecting with more remarkable individuals and sharing their expertise with our audience. Thank you for joining us on this educational and inspiring podcast journey!

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