Three Ways to Engage and Educate Your Attendees with Live Display

Live events have evolved in the digital age, and with the advent of technology, event organizers are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage and educate their attendees. One such innovation is PheedLoop's Live Display feature, a wickedly awesome tool that lets you pull relevant information onto any projector or big screen TV. This information is synced with the latest data from your event dashboard, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for your attendees. In this blog post, we will explore three incredible ways to leverage PheedLoop's Live Display to enhance your event. Whether you're planning a conference, trade show, or any other gathering, these tips will help you make the most of this interactive feature.

Live Display is not just another event technology gadget; it's a powerful tool that can transform the way your attendees experience your event. Typically, it is used on projectors or screens close to the check-in or registration desk or positioned in front of important event spaces. What sets Live Display apart is its touch screen capabilities, allowing for dynamic interactions with event content.

Now, let's delve into three fantastic ways to use Live Display for your event:

Display Your Event Feed Beautifully on the Big Screen

One of the most exciting aspects of Live Display is its ability to showcase attendee-generated content in real time. Attendees can post updates, photos, and comments in the event app, and with Live Display, you can have these posts showcased prominently on a big screen for everyone to see. This not only adds a layer of excitement to your event but also encourages attendees to engage with the event app actively.

Imagine having attendee-generated content shown up and blown up on the big screen – a constant stream of insights, feedback, and event highlights right at your attendees' fingertips. This feature can make your event feel more dynamic and inclusive, as attendees see their contributions showcased in real time. It's a great way to foster a sense of community and participation.

Display Relevant Announcements in the Live Display

Announcements and notifications are a critical part of any event. Whether it's schedule changes, room updates, or important announcements, communicating this information effectively is key to ensuring a seamless event experience. PheedLoop's Live Display makes it easy to keep attendees informed.

The Announcements feature allows you to create just-in-time information posts that attendees will see in their event app and on the Live Display. With this feature, you can instantly communicate important updates, ensuring that attendees are always up to date with the latest information. This real-time communication is invaluable for event organizers, making it easy to manage any unexpected changes and keep attendees informed and engaged.

Display Important Event Information

In addition to engaging attendees with user-generated content and announcements, Live Display also provides a platform to display crucial event information. This feature simplifies the process of conveying essential details that attendees need to know.

Some key pieces of information that can be displayed include:

WiFi Information

Live events often rely on internet connectivity for various activities, from checking in to accessing event materials. Displaying WiFi information on the Live Display ensures that attendees can quickly and easily connect to the network, avoiding any connectivity issues.


Time is of the essence at any event. Whether it's keeping track of session start times, networking opportunities, or meal breaks, displaying the event schedule and time on the Live Display helps attendees stay on track and make the most of their experience.


Weather conditions can significantly impact event logistics, especially for outdoor or multi-day events. Displaying up-to-date weather information on the Live Display allows attendees to plan their day accordingly, ensuring they are well-prepared for any outdoor activities or travel.

Display Session Schedule on the Live Display

One of the most critical aspects of any event is the schedule of sessions and activities. Attendees need to know when and where each session will take place to plan their day effectively. PheedLoop's Live Display provides a beautiful and intuitive way to showcase your event's session schedule, making it easy for attendees to access this information at a glance.

You have the flexibility to gate sessions displayed on a specific location or show a generic schedule, ensuring that attendees have access to the information most relevant to them. This feature not only helps attendees navigate your event but also allows them to make informed decisions about which sessions to attend, enhancing their overall event experience.

Display Sponsors and Maps

Sponsors are a vital part of many events, providing crucial support and resources to make the event a success. Live Display is an excellent platform for giving sponsors the visibility they deserve. You can showcase your event's sponsors, highlighting their contributions and allowing attendees to learn more about them.

In addition to sponsors, maps are a must-have feature to help attendees navigate your event's venue. Displaying interactive maps on Live Display can guide attendees to the various rooms, booths, and points of interest. This feature simplifies the attendee experience, ensuring they don't miss out on any part of your event.

In conclusion, PheedLoop's Live Display is a game-changer for event organizers, offering innovative ways to engage and educate attendees. By displaying user-generated content, relevant announcements, essential event information, session schedules, sponsors, and maps, you can create a dynamic and immersive event experience that keeps attendees informed and engaged throughout the event.

The power of Live Display lies in its ability to deliver real-time, interactive content, transforming your event into an engaging and educational experience. As you plan your next event, consider the possibilities that PheedLoop's Live Display can offer, and unlock the potential to take your event to new heights. Your attendees will thank you for it, and your event will stand out as a truly unforgettable experience in their minds.

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