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July 21, 2022
Event Tips

The Importance of Identifying Your 'Why' When Planning Your Next Event ft. Mike Allton

The Importance of Identifying Your 'Why' When Planning Your Next Event ft. Mike Allton

In this episode of the ‘Where People Meet’ podcast, we are joined by Mike Allton, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agorapulse, the #1 rated tool for social media managers to dominate their company’s social media strategy by managing inboxes, publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration, all in one easy-to-use yet extremely powerful tool.

In addition to his role at Agorapulse, Mike has garnered a large following in the Meetings and Events industry as the host of ‘The Virtual Event Strategist’ podcast, a weekly newsletter and podcast aimed at helping event planners unlock the true potential of virtual events. He is actively on the road speaking at events, in-person or remote, and sharing his expertise with anyone seeking to learn more and level up.

We were incredibly lucky to have Mike sit down and have an in-depth conversation about how he came to be where he is today, his stance on the virtual event format, why it’s important to identify a ‘why’ and narrow down on a specific audience and topic for any given event, and also talk about event technology and how big of a role choosing the right event tech can play in running a successful event. Lastly, Mike shares some incredibly useful event planning tips and tricks that our listeners can apply to their own events!

If you’re interested in connecting with Mike Allton to discuss any of this in greater detail or to learn more about his expertise, you can do so at any of the following resources:

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