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June 28, 2023
Product Updates

Streamline Speaker, Exhibitor & Sponsor Operations with Stakeholder Task Management 2.0!

Streamline Speaker, Exhibitor & Sponsor Operations with Stakeholder Task Management 2.0!

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Stakeholder management is a critical aspect of successful event planning, and PheedLoop has been at the forefront of providing innovative event planning solutions since its launch back in 2015. With PheedLoop, event admins can provide Exhibitors, Speakers, and Sponsors with their own personalized event portals, allowing them to manage their experience autonomously. From updating social media information to editing profiles and how they present themselves to event participants, stakeholders have the freedom to customize their participation through the Task Management system. Today, we are thrilled to introduce an exciting enhancement to this feature based on valuable feedback from customers like you. Welcome to Stakeholder Task Management 2.0 with fillable forms!

Associate Fillable Forms as Tasks

One of the key enhancements in Stakeholder Task Management 2.0 is the ability to create custom forms and associate them as tasks for your stakeholders. Whether you need to collect speaker information, exhibitor details, or sponsor preferences, you can now create fillable forms directly within the stakeholder portal. This eliminates the need to navigate away from the portal or use external platforms for information collection.

The seamless integration of fillable forms within the stakeholder portal simplifies the process for your exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors. They can effortlessly access the form and provide you with the required information in a centralized location. Moreover, the data collected through these forms is linked to individual stakeholder profiles, ensuring accurate tracking and organization. In the data and reports area of PheedLoop, you can confidently review the forms and identify who filled out each one. As with all data hosted on PheedLoop, it is extremely easy to pull custom reports of the information you collect. This improved visibility streamlines your event management processes and empowers your stakeholders to manage their unique event experience.

Forms Now Feature File Upload Questions

In addition to fillable forms, Stakeholder Task Management 2.0 introduces another game-changing feature: file upload questions. With this feature, your stakeholders can conveniently upload files directly within the custom forms. Whether it's speaker presentations, exhibitor marketing materials, or sponsor logos, you can now collect important files alongside the required information. This capability is not reserved solely for stakeholder management portals, as you can see in the screenshot below, you are able to attach this to other PheedLoop workflows, such as the attendee registration flow. 

Gone are the days of exploring alternative methods for file uploads or relying on external document sharing platforms. PheedLoop's integrated file upload system simplifies the process for both event admins and stakeholders. Stakeholders can easily attach files up to 25MB in size, ensuring that you receive the necessary documents in a secure and organized manner. This streamlined approach eliminates confusion and saves valuable time during event preparation.

Download Task Assignments and Completion Data

With Stakeholder Task Management 2.0, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive data and reports to event admins. That's why we have introduced the ability to download bulk data reports of all tasks, including their associated names, descriptions, and completion statuses. This powerful feature allows you to gain deep insights into task progress and overall stakeholder engagement.

In the Data and Reports area of PheedLoop, you have the flexibility to download bulk reports encompassing all tasks or segment them based on specific criteria. This empowers you to analyze task completion rates, identify potential bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to enhance stakeholder management. The availability of comprehensive task data at your fingertips ensures that you stay in control of your event planning and execution.

Unlock the Full Potential of Stakeholder Task Management 2.0

PheedLoop's Stakeholder Task Management 2.0 with Fillable Forms revolutionizes the way event planners manage stakeholders. By associating fillable forms as tasks, event admins can effortlessly collect the required information directly within the Stakeholder portal. The introduction of file upload questions further streamlines the document submission process, ensuring that you receive all the necessary files seamlessly. And with the ability to download task assignments and completion data, you gain valuable insights into stakeholder engagement, enabling you to optimize your event planning strategies.

With Stakeholder Task Management 2.0, PheedLoop continues to empower event planners with powerful tools that simplify and enhance stakeholder management. By providing a seamless experience for exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors, you can ensure that they are actively engaged in the success of your event. Check out Stakeholder Task Management 2.0 today and unlock the full potential of personalized and autonomous stakeholder management. Your event's success starts here with PheedLoop!

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