Sell More Tickets With New Exit Capture Pop-Up Feature

Across the events industry, approximately 75% of website visitors leave the event registration process before completing payment. That means only 1 in 4 people who have some interest in your event actually get all the way through the process and buy a ticket! Though many will return to complete their ticket purchase at a later time, a large portion of this group could lose interest and never resume their registration.

We know that people sometimes need a reminder or an incentive to complete their event registration while it’s in front of them, so we’re adding a new feature to the registration process for all events powered by PheedLoop called Exit Capture.

Exit Capture tracks a potential registrant's mouse movements to detect when they are about to leave your registration flow. A lightweight pop-up message will invite them to continue registration with added incentive.

How Exit Capture does that is up to the event organizer. Organizers are able to customize the messaging and branding on exit popups to test what works best. Try using promotion codes, engaging content or remind potential attendees of upcoming deadlines -- whatever works best to convert these visitors.

Event organizers will be able to see what works best thanks to a new set of real-time analytics.

This month, we’ve focused much of our event technology articles on how to get more people through the conference registration process with articles like:

We believe that Exit Capture will help improve the conversion funnel and generate more revenue for events on the PheedLoop platform.

Feature Summary:

  • Exit Capture is a pop-up that can remind people to return to the registration process before exiting
  • The event organizer can choose what appeal is presented
  • Real-time analytics can track the success of your pop-up message

We hope that both registrants and event organizers will find this feature helpful for getting more people through registration and, ultimately, interacting and having fun at events in 2020.

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