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It is not uncommon for large conferences and trade shows to feature social events such as Galas, Dinners, Banquets and Award Shows. These events require meticulous planning to ensure a seamless experience for attendees. One crucial aspect is the assignment of table numbers to attendees and effectively communicating this information to them. While different events may manage seat selection in various ways, PheedLoop’s interactive Seat Planner offers a comprehensive solution that caters to diverse needs. In this product update, we will explore the features and benefits of the newly revised Seat Planner, and how it can streamline the seat selection process for event planners and attendees going forward!

Create a Beautiful Interactive Seat Planner using our Revised Maps Builder

As an event planner, you can now create a visually stunning and highly interactive seat planner using PheedLoop's revised Maps Builder. This advanced technology, previously utilized for upgrading our Maps Module, allows for fast, easy, and aesthetically pleasing seat plan creation. The Seat Planner encompasses all the functionalities that event planners have come to appreciate, including the ability to segment or restrict tables based on tickets or tags. Moreover, the Seat Planner offers email notifications and confirmations to ensure attendees receive their assigned table information promptly. With DIY drag-and-drop custom graphics, event planners can personalize the seat plan to match the event's theme or branding. Furthermore, the Seat Planner enables the addition, removal, and blocking of seats and tables, providing flexibility and adaptability. Event planners can create multiple seat plans and enjoy real-time synchronization to reflect any last-minute changes. For enhanced convenience, detailed reports and analytics on seat assignments are accessible, allowing event planners to gather valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Assign Seats and Tables to Attendees via the Admin Seat Plan Portal

The Admin Seat Planner Portal is an exclusive feature designed to streamline the seat assignment process for event admins. Once the seat planner is built, event planners can access the Admin Seat Planner Portal to manually assign seats and tables to attendees. This portal provides a real-time view of the seat planner, displaying the latest synced updates and availability of specific tables through intuitive visual cues. Event admins can easily track which attendees have been assigned to which table, ensuring a comprehensive overview of the seating arrangements. The Admin Seat Planner Portal can be accessed conveniently from registration check-in stations, enabling event planners to assist attendees in choosing their seats on-site. This interactive approach enhances attendee engagement and creates a dynamic experience during the seat selection process.

Allow Attendees to Self-Assign Seats During Registration or in their Member Portal

PheedLoop understands the need for flexibility in seat selection workflows. Whether event planners prefer to assign seats manually or empower attendees to make their own choices, PheedLoop offers the perfect solution. Attendees can self-select their table assignments in two ways. Firstly, during the registration process itself, event planners can unlock the seat selection feature, allowing attendees to choose their seats after successfully purchasing their tickets. This seamless integration simplifies the registration experience and encourages active attendee involvement in shaping their event experience. Secondly, attendees can utilize PheedLoop's member portal, an exclusive platform for each individual attendee. Within this portal, attendees can assign themselves tables corresponding to their tickets, offering a personalized and interactive seat selection experience. This feature is particularly useful for events where seat selection may occur at a later point in time, allowing attendees to plan ahead and make informed choices.

Notify and Remind Attendees about their Seat Selection

Keeping attendees informed about their seat selection is paramount to a successful event. With PheedLoop's Communications Module, event admins can easily pre-schedule or send emails and event app push notifications containing crucial seat selection information. This ensures attendees are promptly notified and aware of their assigned seats. Additionally, event admins have the flexibility to export seat selection data in real time as an Excel sheet, facilitating further data analysis and utilization. For events utilizing PheedLoop's Check-in platform, table numbers can be seamlessly integrated into the on-site badge printing template. This enables event organizers to print table assignments directly onto attendee badges, providing a convenient reference during the event.

Wrap Up

PheedLoop's Seat Planner 3.0 revolutionizes the seat selection process for events, offering event planners a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. With its revised Maps Builder, event planners can create visually stunning seat plans that are customizable to match the event's branding. Whether assigning seats manually through the Admin Seat Planner Portal or allowing attendees to self-select seats during registration or in their member portal, PheedLoop provides flexibility to meet the unique needs of every event. By keeping attendees informed through notifications and reminders, event admins can enhance the overall attendee experience. With PheedLoop's Seat Planner 3.0, event planners can streamline the seat selection process and create unforgettable event experiences.

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