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July 4, 2023
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Save Time & Manage Your Sponsors Automatically Using PheedLoop’s Sponsorship Management!

Save Time & Manage Your Sponsors Automatically Using PheedLoop’s Sponsorship Management!

Sponsors play a crucial role in the success of any event. These organizations seek to be associated with your event and gain visibility among your attendees. As an event organizer, you understand the significance of sponsors in terms of revenue generation and the need to deliver a return on investment for them. To make their experience seamless and ensure efficient management, PheedLoop offers Sponsorship Management, a comprehensive solution that saves time and automates various sponsor-related tasks. In this feature post, we will explore the key features of PheedLoop's Sponsorship Management and how it can benefit event planners and sponsors alike!

Create One Hub for Sponsors to Manage their Experience

PheedLoop’s Exhibitor Portal system acts as a centralized hub for sponsors, providing them with a one-stop-shop to manage their entire experience. Within the portal, sponsors can easily upload and access necessary files and documents, such as branding assets, image files, and text for sponsorship-related written content. This streamlined process eliminates the need for multiple email exchanges and scattered communication channels, ensuring all sponsor-related information is stored in one convenient location. Additionally, sponsors can use the portal to upload important information, enabling seamless collaboration between event planners and sponsors.

Manage Your Sponsors with Automated Task Management

With PheedLoop's Sponsorship Management, event planners can create tasks and automate reminders for sponsors, ensuring that all required tasks are completed within the specified timeframe. These automated reminders not only save time but also reduce the chances of missed deadlines. As an event admin, you can manage the approval of tasks through the Task Queue feature, giving you full control over the progress of sponsor-related activities. Sponsors can mark tasks as completed and upload necessary files directly through the portal, further streamlining the process. Moreover, event admins can set individual notification reminders for team members responsible for specific tasks, enhancing team coordination and efficiency.

Upload Graphics & Update Profile Information across Event Platforms

PheedLoop's Sponsorship Management empowers sponsors to update their company's profile information, including descriptions, addresses, names, keywords, and more, within the Exhibitor Portal. These updates seamlessly sync with the event app, event website, and virtual portal, ensuring that sponsors' profiles accurately reflect their latest information across all event platforms. Sponsors can also access clear guidelines on graphic dimensions within their portal, enabling them to effortlessly update all graphics associated with their sponsorship. This feature enhances sponsors' visibility and allows them to maintain an up-to-date and consistent brand image throughout the event.

Manage Contracts and Purchases

PheedLoop's Sponsorship Management simplifies contract and purchase management for both event planners and sponsors. Sponsors can conveniently view their contracts within the Exhibitor Portal and make additional payments as needed, eliminating the need for separate communication channels for financial transactions. As an event admin, you have the flexibility to add more tickets and products to sponsors on an individual basis, tailoring their sponsorship packages to meet their evolving needs. Moreover, PheedLoop is continuously improving the system to allow sponsors to add products and tickets manually within their dedicated Sponsor Portal, giving them more autonomy and control over their sponsorship.


PheedLoop's Sponsorship Management revolutionizes the way event planners manage sponsors, providing a comprehensive and automated solution that saves time, enhances collaboration, and maximizes sponsor ROI. By leveraging the Exhibitor Portal, automated task management, profile synchronization across event platforms, and streamlined contract and purchase management, event planners can deliver a seamless experience for sponsors while efficiently managing their needs. With PheedLoop's Sponsorship Management, event planners can focus on creating exceptional events while sponsors enjoy a hassle-free and rewarding partnership.

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