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July 28, 2022
Product Updates

Revamped Gamification Features Now Available on Virtual Event Portal!

Revamped Gamification Features Now Available on Virtual Event Portal!

If you thought we were done upgrading one of our most popular features, PheedLoop Gamification, we’re not finished just yet! This is a quick update to keep our Gamification lovers in the “loop” on all the new features and updates we’re rolling out to PheedLoop’s Virtual Portal and PheedLoop Go! App. In case you missed it, we recently announced the ability to add custom points and automatic point allocation based on specific event interactions, such as posting to the event feed, voting on polls, asking questions, scanning other attendees, exhibitor lead retrievals, downloading slides, submitting feedback, and more! While our previous post updated everyone on these features being available on PheedLoop Go, this post is dedicated solely to our Virtual Event Portal. 

Virtual Event Portal

When you go into your Virtual Event Portal from the back-end dashboard, click on ‘Gamification’ to see all the new features giving you and your attendees the ability to make the most out of gamified activities at your events! You’ll notice the Gamification window on the front-end has a slick new look and feel. While before it was only limited to Text Codes, Leaders, and All Prizes, you’ll see that you now have four additional sections: Teams, My Prizes, Instructions, and My Activity. 

  • Teams: is a new feature where an event admin can assign a Gamification tag to certain attendees, and all the attendees with the same tag will be grouped into their corresponding Team to compete for glory and bragging rights. This is super useful for events with different segments of attendees wanting to participate in gamified activities and helps to add a fun competitive nature to the event (think internal employee engagement summits where Sales is competing against Marketing). 
  • My Prizes: while previously you could only see All Prizes, My Prizes is a new tab that allows your attendees to see a list of all the prizes they’ve already claimed. This is sure to make things easier and more organized for attendees keeping track of the prizes available and prizes redeemed. Better yet, if your attendees are feeling generous, they’ll be able to transfer prizes to other participants at the event!
  • Instructions: this section contains custom gamification instructions that makes it crystal clear for event attendees to see what activities are eligible for gamification points. To edit this section, click into Experiences > Mobile App > Settings and scroll down to the Instructions section to edit. Be sure to get creative by leaving tips and fun clues for your attendees here!
  • My Activity: shows a list of actions completed by you from the list of possible activities that can be completed based on what your specific event has set up (i.e. posting to the event feed, voting on polls, asking questions, etc.). This is a seamless way to track the activities you completed and see where your points are coming from!

Wrapping Up - More Improvements to the Virtual Portal Spotted Ahead

This is the first of many improvements we have planned for the Virtual Event Portal over the coming months. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog posts, social media channels, and newsletters because we have many more exciting tweaks and updates coming to the Virtual Portal very soon. As always, if you have any recommendations on how to improve our Virtual Portal experience, please be sure to share them with the PheedLoop Team. We get lots of inspiration for product updates from you, our beloved PheedLoop Phamily, so don’t be shy to share your PheedBack!

With Gamification out of the way, we are now able to focus on bigger projects like launching our brand new Event Website and Registration system (stay tuned for the official release in the coming weeks), our brand new interactive booth experience at upcoming industry trade shows (come visit us at Connect Marketplace, CMEE Expo and ASAE Annual Meeting in August), and the return of our User Conference this September (with our very first in-person experience)! We are also constantly improving and adding to our customer support Knowledge Base articles with all the upgrades our Engineering Team is pushing out. With lots to look forward to, we hope this summer has been as action and fun-filled for our customers as it has been for the rest of us. Bye for now and don’t forget to make the most out of these updates at your next event!

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