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Membership Management and New Registration are two of PheedLoop's most powerful recent product updates, and they have already become popular among many of our happy customers. One of the most significant benefits of having both Membership Management and Registration within the same platform is the power of integration between the two.

In this blog post, we will explore TWO of the most exciting features of PheedLoop's Registration Integration with Membership Management: Contact Management and Membership-Based Registration!

We will also take a look at how these features can help organizations and associations manage their membership and events more effectively going forward.

Contact Management

PheedLoop's Contact Management feature is one of the most significant benefits of integrating Membership Management and New Registration. This feature automatically adds anyone who registers for an event to your Membership Management's Contact Directory. This feature is extremely powerful because it allows you to manage leads or people who would be interested in your organization's membership.

Having a list of potential members in one place makes it easier to manage your outreach efforts. You can target email communications based on which events they attended to invite them to join your organization's membership. You can also use this to advertise future events to them! With PheedLoop's Contact Management, you have a robust CRM system that helps you keep track of your leads and convert them into members.

Another benefit of Contact Management is that it allows you to easily view and export a list of all the events a contact or member has attended. This is helpful for data analysis purposes. You can use this information to track member engagement, identify popular events, and create more targeted and personalized communications.

Membership-Based Registration

PheedLoop's Membership-Based Registration is another exciting feature of the integration between Membership Management and New Registration. With this feature, you can create registration categories within your event and make it so that only people with a specific membership type can register.

This feature is a homerun because of the seamless integration between PheedLoop's Member Management and Event Management Platforms. By simply applying a membership restriction to a registration category, you can have confidence that only those who actually have that membership will be able to see and complete the registration.

This is a significant advantage for associations because it allows them to seamlessly offer exclusive benefits to their members. For example, you can offer members a discounted registration rate or early access to registration which can be a powerful incentive for members to join and renew their memberships.

The best part of this feature is that it's updated in real-time. This means that anyone who buys a membership can instantly get access to membership-based pricing on your event's registration. It makes the entire registration process more streamlined and ensures that only members can access exclusive member-only registration categories.

Benefits for Organizations and Associations

The integration between Membership Management and New Registration is a game-changer for associations. Here are some of the benefits of using PheedLoop's integrated platform:

  • Streamlined Membership Management: With PheedLoop's integrated platform, you can manage your contacts, memberships, and events all in one place. This makes it easier to keep track of your members, communicate with them, and manage their benefits.
  • Targeted Outreach: With Contact Management, you can target your email communications based on event attendance and other data points. This makes it easier to convert leads into members and engage with your existing members.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Membership-Based Registration allows you to offer exclusive benefits to your members, such as discounted rates or early access to registration. This can be a powerful incentive for members to join and renew their memberships.
  • Real-time Updates: With real-time updates, you can ensure that only members can access exclusive registration categories. This makes the registration process more streamlined and ensures that members receive their benefits immediately.
  • Data Analysis: By tracking event attendance and other data points, you can gain valuable insights into member engagement and preferences. This can help you get a better understanding of which events are more popular, allowing you to plan better events in the future. 

Wrap Up

PheedLoop's Registration Integration with Membership Management is a powerful tool for organizations and associations that want to streamline their membership management and event planning processes. By combining the power of Contact Management and Membership-Based Registration, you can offer more value to your members, manage your membership more effectively, and improve your data analysis.

We hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding of the benefits of using PheedLoop's Registration Integration with Membership Management. If you have any questions about these features or how they can benefit your organization or association, please don’t hesitate to reach out to!

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