Redefine Event Management With PheedLoop’s Latest Feature: Introducing the Change and Edit Email Address Feature!
February 28, 2024

After receiving countless requests from our valued community of users, we’re excited to introduce a highly anticipated feature to PheedLoop: the Change and Edit Email Address feature! Whether it's correcting typos, updating domain names, or removing invalid characters, this game-changing feature gives you the ability to edit email addresses of attendees and members after they’ve registered for your event. Our goal in developing this revolutionary feature is to enhance your event organization while streamlining the management process, ensuring your event runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Let's explore the exciting Change and Edit Email Address feature and discover how you can leverage it to maximize the success of your events!

Adjust Attendee’s Email Address Seamlessly From Your Event Dashboard 

Making a typo or putting in the wrong email address can happen while you’re juggling multiple tasks - we’ve all been there! That’s why we developed the Change and Edit email address feature to allow you to easily change and update attendee information. This feature is integrated into the PheedLoop dashboard, keeping all event management tasks centralized and efficient. This feature is particularly useful if an attendee decides to change their personal email address to a business email.

But here’s the fun part: When you make adjustments to an attendee's email address, all associated information, such as ticket purchases and form responses, remains intact and seamlessly linked to the individual!

This newfound flexibility and convenience enables you to manage attendee’s information at your fingertip, creating a much more streamlined and stress-free process!

Experience Streamlined Membership Management From Your Membership Dashboard 

Our newest feature doesn’t just stop at managing your attendees’ info but extends its reach to organization members as well! As an organization manager, you now have the ability to edit the details of organization members from the PheedLoop Membership Dashboard. But how does it work?

Picture this: you have an organization member who switched companies, and as a result, their email address as well. With this new intuitive feature, you would only need to update to their new/preferred email address and their membership would still be retained. Plus, you can relax as all adjustments made to a member’s email address will impact all of the events they are also attending. Lastly, this feature will also ensure all relevant Membership Data is saved!

With our new Change and Edit Email Address feature, you will not only have the ease of securely saving information but also the control of making it accessible, providing you with a comprehensive solution to event management challenges. 

Wrap Up

At PheedLoop, we are dedicated to improving our platform by gathering and listening to feedback from our vibrant community. Hence, the latest addition of the Change and Edit Email Address feature is a direct result of this ongoing commitment to collaboration.

With this robust tool integrated into the Event Dashboard, you now have the ability to streamline your event operations and safeguard information with ease. 

This development is only the start of our exciting journey in 2024. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and empower you to create unforgettable event experiences with PheedLoop!

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