Podcast: Managing Stress When Organizing Conferences & Events

Event organizers are no strangers to stress and anxiety.

Months of work and thousands of dollars are concentrated on delivering the perfect experience for a group of people that need to be greatly impressed. While event management is taught in many schools, dealing with the accompanying stress and expectations is not.

On our latest podcast, Rahul spoke with PheedLoop's resident marketing expert Ben Myers about his experience working as part of a small team to organize big conferences and tradeshows in Toronto, as well as his experience creating a small event series on his own.

Ben described the techniques he employed to address stress, including his famous list of stressful items, as well as why it's more psychologically difficult to assemble an event on your own than in a small team.

Finally, Rahul & Ben discuss a few other important aspects of event management like the importance of big name keynote speakers, conference food and drink, Michelle Obama and more.

You can find the PheedLoop podcast on Spotify and Google Podcasts.

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