PheedLoop's Top 3 Learnings from the 'Where People Meet' Podcast Episodes on Event Technology!

Welcome to the world of event technology, where innovation and adaptation have become the keystones of success. In the 'Where People Meet' podcast, we've had the privilege of hosting some of the industry's brightest minds, who generously shared their insights and experiences. In this blog post, we'll delve into the top three learnings from our podcast episodes, featuring experts like Corbin Ball, Kyle Kocinski, and RJ Crowder-Schaefer. Together, we'll uncover the evolving landscape of event technology and the valuable lessons that can shape your approach to this ever-changing field.

1. The Evolution of Event Technology

A Conversation with Corbin Ball: Navigating Pre-Pandemic Waters

Our journey into the world of event technology begins with Corbin Ball, a pioneer who has witnessed the industry's transformation over the years. Corbin's extensive experience sheds light on the state of event technology before the pandemic hit.

Pre-Pandemic Event Tech Landscape

Before COVID-19 disrupted the events industry, event technology was already on an upward trajectory. Corbin's insights reveal that event planners were increasingly relying on tech tools to enhance attendee experiences, streamline operations, and gather valuable data.

The Pandemic's Impact on Event Technology

The pandemic acted as a catalyst, propelling the event tech industry into uncharted territory. Corbin discusses how the sudden shift to virtual and hybrid events necessitated rapid innovation. Technologies like virtual event platforms, AI-powered matchmaking, and engagement tools became essential for event survival.

The Future of Event Technology

Corbin's foresight points toward a future where hybrid events continue to thrive. He emphasizes the importance of flexibility and adaptability in event tech solutions. As we move forward, the ability to seamlessly transition between virtual, hybrid, and in-person formats will be a game-changer for event organizers.

2. Event Production Expertise and Strategy

Insights from Kyle Kocinski: Navigating Event Production in the Digital Age

Our second learning comes from Kyle Kocinski, Implementation Manager at Endless Events, who brings a wealth of knowledge in event production and technology strategy.

The Role of Event Production Agencies

Kyle shares the critical role event production agencies like Endless Events play in creating memorable and successful events. These agencies offer a unique blend of creativity, technology expertise, and strategic planning, making them invaluable partners for organizations seeking exceptional event experiences.

Investing in Event Tech

In a rapidly evolving landscape, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Kyle emphasizes the importance of investing in the latest event technology. He discusses how staying up-to-date with emerging trends and platforms can give organizations a competitive edge.

Event Strategies on a Budget

Not everyone has an unlimited budget for events, and Kyle addresses this challenge. He offers practical advice on how organizations with budget constraints can still create impactful events. From leveraging cost-effective tech solutions to strategic planning, Kyle's insights provide a roadmap for success.

3. Maximizing Event Tech for Large-Scale Events

RJ Crowder-Schaefer's Expertise: Navigating Event Technology at Bloomberg

Our final learning comes from RJ Crowder-Schaefer, Head of Event Technology & Product at Bloomberg, who oversees a global team responsible for executing thousands of events each year.

Bloomberg's Event Strategy

RJ provides an inside look into Bloomberg's event strategy, demonstrating how technology plays a central role in planning and executing large-scale events. His insights reveal how a well-defined strategy can ensure seamless event experiences.

Challenges of Scalability

When dealing with large-scale events, scalability becomes a critical concern. RJ discusses the challenges organizations face when scaling their events and offers solutions to mitigate potential issues. From technology infrastructure to team coordination, he shares valuable tips for success.

Making the Most of Your Tech Stack

RJ's parting wisdom centers on optimizing your organization's tech stack. He highlights the importance of aligning technology with your event goals and shares strategies for maximizing the value of your tech investments.

Wrap Up

In the 'Where People Meet' podcast, we've had the privilege of learning from industry luminaries. Corbin Ball's insights into the evolution of event technology, Kyle Kocinski's expertise in event production and strategy, and RJ Crowder-Schaefer's guidance on maximizing event tech for large-scale events provide invaluable lessons for event professionals.

As the events landscape continues to evolve, one thing remains clear: event technology will continue to be a driving force in creating memorable and impactful experiences. By embracing innovation, staying adaptable, and aligning technology with strategic goals, event organizers can navigate this dynamic landscape with confidence.

Stay tuned for more episodes of 'Where People Meet,' where we'll continue to explore the ever-changing world of event technology and bring you insights from the industry's leading experts.

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