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October 7, 2020
Product Updates

PheedLoop’s New “Online” Attendee Indicators Will Take Your Virtual Event’s Networking to a Whole New Level!

PheedLoop’s New “Online” Attendee Indicators Will Take Your Virtual Event’s Networking to a Whole New Level!

One of the things we’ve been huge advocates of from the start of this whole new world of virtual events is making networking as real-time, intimate, and accessible as possible. After all, the thing that we believe many of us miss most about live events is each other.

So far we’ve accomplished many of our goals to make networking awesome with our real-time location-aware presence indicators, fast and ubiquitous real-time chat, PheedLoop Meet for live one-on-one and group video calling, operating system level push notifications, and much more.

But that’s not enough. We know how important networking is, and we want it to be even better. So we’re investing heavily in new ways to make networking even faster and more seamless including, for example, the launch of PheedLoop Meet 2.0. By the way, the reaction from attendees and planners alike has been incredible in our private conversations, and even social media!

Our next step to improve networking is to take our location-aware presence monitoring system and apply it to the whole event. So, no matter where you are in the event, you always know who is online and who you can connect with. Whether it’s a fellow attendee you found in a session, an exhibitor at their booth, or a group you found and want to jump into - you’ll always know who you can connect with now, at this very moment.

Let’s dive into some of the awesome new changes and improvements!

New Always-On Online Attendee Counter

All attendees just need to look up and to the right in the virtual event portal now to see a green pulsating indicator telling them exactly how many of their friends and colleagues are online with them. It creates an awesome sense of community even if attendees are in different parts of the event experience, knowing that hundreds or thousands of other people are experiencing the same event you are at this very moment in their own way.

Highlighting All Online Attendees, All the Time

Seeing everyone’s amazing smiles and faces in a virtual event is exciting for sure, but they’re often just frozen in time in static display pictures. You may want to reach out to say “hey”, but you don’t know if they’ll respond. Now, anyone you see in the virtual event, whether they are chatting in a session, hanging around at a booth, or simply in the list of attendees you’re scrolling through in the networking section, will have a green glow around their photos indicating that they are online.

This is also extremely helpful for events with virtual exhibit halls because now attendees can immediately tell which rep is online if they want to jump into a one-on-one video chat instead of joining the group video chat at the booth, for example. It’s also a great way to invite other attendees you know are online into groups, reach out to event administrators, or just “people watch”!

New Networking Filter to Pull Up a List of All Online Attendees

If you know PheedLoop’s platform, you also know that there’s a full list of attendees available in the Networking tab. This can be a pretty long list for some events, with thousands of attendees in many cases. We’re working on some awesome matchmaking tools, but a very powerful new option in the attendee list filter menu allows you to show only the attendees who are currently online. This is a great way to narrow your search and increase the chances of you connecting with someone who is currently actively participating in the event.

We hope you find these updates as exciting as we do! It has been awesome flipping through events we’re servicing and seeing the amazing positivity and energy attendees are putting out. Event planners, you all have been putting so much effort into producing incredible virtual event experiences, we’re grateful, proud, and impressed. Congratulations, we’re cheering for you and we're working as hard as we can for you.

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