PheedLoop’s Interactive Seat Planner - 360 Experience for Event Planners & Attendees

PheedLoop’s Interactive Seat Planner has become an indispensable tool in the event management industry, enabling planners to integrate seating arrangements into various facets of their events. This interactive tool enhances the event experience for both organizers and attendees - it simplifies the seating process, enhances event personalization, and empowers event administrators to take control of the seating arrangements.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the diverse applications of PheedLoop's Interactive Seat Planner and illustrate how it can be harnessed at every stage of event planning. From the registration process to the event itself, the Member Portal, and even the event app, this tool transforms the attendee's experience and streamlines the planning process.

PheedLoop’s Interactive Seat Planner is Integrated in the PheedLoop Registration System

At the very outset of the event planning journey, the registration process plays a pivotal role. PheedLoop recognizes this and seamlessly integrates the Interactive Seat Planner into the registration system, offering a novel approach to seat selection. Here's how it works:

A Visual Map for Seat Selection

Upon purchasing a ticket or registration, attendees can access a visual map that displays the available seating options. This feature enhances the registration experience by allowing attendees to choose their seats, fostering a sense of personalization and control.

Exclusive Access for Ticket Holders

The Interactive Seat Planner ensures that only the correct ticket holders can select their seats. This feature not only streamlines the seating process but also eliminates any confusion regarding seat assignments.

Immediate Seat Selection

This tool becomes invaluable if you want attendees to select their seats as soon as possible after they've successfully registered. It encourages early engagement and sets a positive tone for the entire event.

PheedLoop’s Interactive Seat Planner is Accessible in the Member Portal

The Member Portal serves as an attendee's personalized gateway to the event. This interactive platform allows attendees to shape their conference experience, access event updates, and customize their seating arrangements. Here's how it benefits event planners:

Attendee Empowerment

By directing attendees to the Member Portal, you empower them to customize their conference experience. They can access the Interactive Seat Planner, view announcements, and adjust their seating preferences at their convenience.

Strategic Timing

This feature is particularly useful if you want attendees to access the seat planner at a specific point before the event. It enables them to tailor their experience to their preferences and aligns with the event's strategic goals.

Pre-event Seat Editing

Additionally, the Member Portal offers a valuable tool for pre-event seat editing. Attendees can modify their seat choices, ensuring that the event seating reflects their preferences and any changes in their plans.

PheedLoop’s Interactive Seat Planner Features an Admin Portal

For event administrators, control over seating arrangements is crucial. PheedLoop's Interactive Seat Planner simplifies this task through the Admin Portal. This dedicated space empowers administrators to manage seat selections with ease:

Full Administrative Control

In the Admin Portal, administrators have full control over seat assignments. They can edit seat selections, add new ones, or remove seat selections as needed. This level of control ensures that the seating arrangements align with the event's objectives.

Event Preparation

This tool is invaluable during the event preparation phase. Administrators can use it to meticulously plan and manage seating arrangements well in advance of the event. This proactive approach ensures a smooth and organized seating process.

On-site "Kiosk" Tool

Interestingly, the Admin Portal also serves as an on-site "kiosk." Attendees who successfully check-in can interact with the portal to get their seat assignments, fostering a seamless on-site experience.

Seat Assignments are Viewable in the Event App

In today's tech-savvy world, event apps have become essential tools for both attendees and event administrators. PheedLoop's Interactive Seat Planner extends its functionality to the event app, offering the following benefits:

Attendee Convenience

For attendees, the Event App is a convenient means to access their seat assignments. By navigating to their Tickets page, they can effortlessly review their assigned seats. This feature ensures that attendees are always aware of their seating arrangements, enhancing their overall event experience.

Event Admin Versatility

Event administrators can utilize the event app to scan attendee badges and access real-time information, including ticket details and seat assignments. This functionality facilitates personalized on-site experiences, allowing administrators to direct attendees to their seats efficiently.

Send Push Notifications and Emails of Seat Assignments

Communication is key in event planning, and PheedLoop recognizes this by offering the capability to send push notifications and emails of seat assignments. Here's how this feature enhances the event experience:

Timely Communication

By sending push notifications and emails containing seat assignments, event organizers can ensure that attendees are informed in a timely manner. This proactive approach minimizes confusion and ensures a smooth event check-in process.

Personalized Interaction

These notifications and emails offer an opportunity for personalized interaction with attendees. Event planners can include additional event details, instructions, and special announcements to create a more engaging and immersive event experience.


PheedLoop's Interactive Seat Planner is a multifaceted tool that seamlessly integrates into the event planning process, offering convenience, personalization, and control. From the registration process to the Member Portal, Admin Portal, event app, and communication tools, this feature has transformed the way events are planned and experienced.

With its ability to empower attendees, streamline event administration, and enhance communication, the Interactive Seat Planner is a must-have for event planners looking to elevate their events. It's a tool that offers a 360-degree experience for both event planners and attendees, making every event a memorable success.

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