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August 6, 2020
Product Updates

PheedLoop's Dashboard 2.0 Launch Event! Join us Live on August 19th!

PheedLoop's Dashboard 2.0 Launch Event! Join us Live on August 19th!

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PheedLoop’s dashboard is a mission critical part of the platform, and it’s finally time for a major upgrade. Over the last several years PheedLoop has grown to become something far greater than just a simple event management tool. Event managers often spend hours a day in the PheedLoop dashboard, and their livelihoods depend on the way finances, tasks, data, and designs are managed.

Our growth over the last several years has pushed our existing dashboard to its limits, not only from a functionality standpoint, but most importantly, from an infrastructure standpoint. Infrastructure including modern coding frameworks, deployment and update processes, testing, automation, and overall user experience. We know so many of our users praise our existing dashboard and tell us how easy it is to use, but we know we can do far better - especially for the many power users on our platform managing countless events and thousands of attendees.

Our team has been working for over 6 months now re-architecting our new dashboard, and some of you may have seen glimpses of early prototypes in your own existing dashboards.

On August 19th, at 12 PM EST, we’ll host our first official launch event demonstrating some of the key features of our new dashboard, and discussing the technical architecture as well. We feel this latter piece is important, because we’re redesigning so much of PheedLoop to not only be significantly more functional, but significantly faster to improve and add new features to. We want you to know how we’re doing this.

Many of you are accustomed to PheedLoop’s rapid pace of innovation, and our commitment to releasing new systems every week for many years now. We want to kick things up a notch in 2021 and are laying the foundation for that now.

Internally, the greatest thing the launch of our new dashboard marks for us is a new way we think about product development. Our dashboard will no longer be the thing that powers the PheedLoop product, it will be its own product. We will be dedicating permanent engineers to our dashboard, so that you continue to see rapid growth and development. The dashboard will have its own road map, metrics, and management. It’s going to be awesome.

Join our CEO and our engineers on August 19th for a future focused conversation and demonstration of the first public version of our new dashboard. We only have 250 spots available, and access will be granted on a first come first served basis starting with customers. The webinar will also be available on-demand after its live broadcast. See you there!

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