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March 16, 2020
Product Updates

PheedLoop Live Streaming & Virtual Conference Services Now Available

PheedLoop Live Streaming & Virtual Conference Services Now Available

In the wake of COVID-19 (coronavirus), many conference and event organizers are asking themselves existential questions about the future of their industries. There’s no doubt that there has already been a significant impact on the livelihood of many people in events, as well as the surrounding services and supply chain.

We at PheedLoop strongly believe in the power and value of in-person events, as well as the power of technology to help people bridge the gaps that time, space or circumstance put between us.

Many of our clients are now looking for options to move forward with their events, summits or conferences and making the crucial connections that each of their respective industries desperately need.

That’s why PheedLoop has been working with determination to quickly deliver a feature that would have otherwise been farther out on our roadmap: integrating live video streaming with our event app, event website, engagement tools and additional popular streaming platforms.

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The future of the events industry is in delivering the knowledge of our communities and thought leaders to our audiences regardless of the platform or venue. Live streaming is a large part of that future.

Whether you’re considering taking your event entirely online, or looking to expand your event’s digital offering in a hybrid model, PheedLoop’s live streaming delivers the integrated conference experience within the existing suite of event tools that your organizing team have come to expect.

For organizers, that includes tools like registration, event apps, event website, file uploads and speaker management tools.

Live streams can appear across platforms including PheedLoop's event app, event websites and more.

Attendees can expect all the normal features they normally use to choose their event experience including event schedules, speaker profiles and session descriptions. The live stream for each session is located exactly where you would expect: inside each session’s page, not on a third party website or app.

The ability to make your event content accessible to anyone online also opens the opportunity to monetize your event in ways that were previously infeasible. We can’t wait to show our clients and the broader events industry what’s possible with this technology, combined with the PheedLoop event platform.

While our industry navigates the uncertainty of the coming weeks and months, PheedLoop will continue to create the tools that will connect communities and enhance the experience of attending events, whether in-person or online.

Learn more about PheedLoop’s live streaming features, event apps and more. To set-up a demo with our team, get in touch here.

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