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July 7, 2023
Event Tips

PheedLoop is Proud to be the Official Event Technology Sponsor for CSAE’s 2023 Summer Summit!

PheedLoop is Proud to be the Official Event Technology Sponsor for CSAE’s 2023 Summer Summit!

The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) recently held its highly anticipated Summer Summit in Mississauga, Ontario. This annual event brings together association executives from across Canada for two days of learning, networking, and connecting. As a leading provider of event management technology, PheedLoop was proud to be the official Event Technology and On-site Registration Sponsor for this year's Summer Summit, further cementing its long standing partnership with CSAE.

1. PheedLoop Powers On-site Badge Printing and Check-in

As the Event Technology Sponsor, PheedLoop provided a seamless on-site badge printing and check-in experience for attendees. With PheedLoop's innovative on-site check-in and badge printing system, attendees could easily check in upon arrival and receive their personalized badges instantly. This streamlined process eliminated long registration queues and ensured a smooth start to the event. By leveraging PheedLoop's expertise, CSAE successfully enhanced the overall attendee experience.

2. PheedLoop's Creation of On-site Badges

PheedLoop played a vital role in creating visually appealing on-site badges for this year's Summer Summit. CSAE opted for PheedLoop's direct thermal badges, which offer numerous advantages. These badges are cost-effective, require no additional equipment, and are eco-friendly due to their heat-based printing process. CSAE attendees could proudly wear their professional badges, showcasing their participation in the event while benefiting from PheedLoop's efficient badge production.

3. PheedLoop Powers the Mobile Event App

PheedLoop's expertise extended beyond on-site registration and badge printing, as the company also powered the event's Mobile App. The Mobile App served as an invaluable tool for attendees, providing access to event schedules, personalized agendas, speaker profiles, and interactive maps. Attendees could receive push notifications for important updates and engage in networking activities facilitated by the App. CSAE took full advantage of PheedLoop's capabilities by implementing gamification features, such as a scavenger hunt, which added an element of excitement and engagement to the event.


PheedLoop's sponsorship of CSAE's Summer Summit demonstrated its commitment to empowering event organizers and enhancing attendee experiences. With its seamless on-site badge printing and check-in, creation of visually appealing badges, and powerful mobile Event App, PheedLoop contributed significantly to the success of the 2023 Summer Summit. As the event concluded, both PheedLoop and CSAE eagerly anticipate our continued partnership at the upcoming CSAE Annual Conference later this fall. Together, we are poised to deliver yet another exceptional event for association executives across Canada.

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