PheedLoop Go Now Offers Offline Scanning Capabilities!
December 6, 2023

PheedLoop Go! has always been at the forefront of innovation, and now, it brings to you a groundbreaking feature that the event industry has been eagerly anticipating – Offline Scanning Capabilities!

As seasoned event organizers, volunteers, and exhibitors are well aware, the demand for offline scanning functionality in event apps has been steadily rising. PheedLoop Go! recognizes this need and has seamlessly integrated offline scanning capabilities to enhance the overall event experience for all stakeholders. This critical function within the app introduces a myriad of functionalities, including lead retrieval, session scanning, ticket redemptions, and gamification code scanning.

In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the top two reasons why you should be excited about PheedLoop Go's new offline scanning capabilities. From confidently scanning leads without an active internet connection to ensuring uninterrupted session scanning, PheedLoop Go! is revolutionizing the way we approach events.

1. Confidently Scan Leads via Lead Retrieval Without an Active Internet Connection

The Common Dilemma

For exhibitors, especially those traveling from abroad, a lack of a stable internet connection on-site is not uncommon. This poses a challenge when it comes to lead retrieval, a vital aspect of maximizing the ROI from any event. Enter PheedLoop Go!'s Offline Scanning Capabilities – a game-changer for exhibitors facing connectivity challenges.

Uninterrupted Lead Retrieval

With PheedLoop Go!, exhibitors can now confidently scan leads even in the absence of an active internet connection. Imagine you're at a bustling event, the atmosphere buzzing with excitement, but your internet connectivity is limited. No worries! Scan away, make notes, and capture valuable leads without any hindrance.

Real-Time Cloud Updates

The magic doesn't end there. Once the scanning is complete, and you find yourself back in the realm of connectivity, PheedLoop Go! ensures that all your leads are instantly updated in real-time to the cloud. This means you can seamlessly access and manage your leads in the Exhibitor Portal, ensuring that no potential business opportunity slips through the cracks.

Empowering Exhibitors

This offline lead retrieval feature not only empowers exhibitors with the flexibility to operate in challenging connectivity scenarios but also underscores PheedLoop Go!'s commitment to providing practical solutions that align with the diverse needs of event professionals.

2. Confidently Scan Attendees into Sessions Even if Internet Connection is Unstable

Navigating the Connectivity Conundrum

One of the perennial challenges faced at events is the instability of internet connections. Whether you're in a basement-level room, grappling with poor network signals, or dealing with sluggish Wi-Fi, relying on a stable internet connection for crucial tasks like session scanning can be nerve-wracking. PheedLoop Go! addresses this concern with finesse.

Seamless Session Scanning

PheedLoop Go's Offline Scanning Capabilities ensure that the show goes on, quite literally. Even in scenarios where the internet connection is less than ideal, you can confidently scan attendees into sessions without any disruption. This feature guarantees that all scans will be securely uploaded to the cloud as soon as a stable internet connection becomes available.

Uninterrupted Event Experience

This innovative solution by PheedLoop Go! ensures that the core functionality of scanning attendees into sessions remains uninterrupted, irrespective of the challenges posed by the event venue's infrastructure. Attendees can seamlessly participate in sessions, and event organizers can gather valuable data without worrying about connectivity hiccups.

Wrap Up

In the fast-paced world of events, adaptability is key. PheedLoop Go's Offline Scanning Capabilities represent a leap forward in addressing the practical challenges faced by exhibitors and event organizers alike. The ability to confidently scan leads and attendees without a stable internet connection opens up new possibilities for event professionals, allowing them to focus on what matters most – creating memorable and seamless experiences.

As we embrace the future of events, PheedLoop Go! stands as a testament to innovation and customer-centric solutions. The Offline Scanning Capabilities serve as a testament to PheedLoop Go!'s commitment to empowering event professionals with tools that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

With PheedLoop Go!, the event experience goes beyond the boundaries of connectivity, ensuring that you can deliver exceptional events regardless of the challenges thrown your way. It's time to revolutionize your event scanning experience – PheedLoop Go! is leading the way!

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