PheedLoop Customer Case Study: Reveal Events Group

We're thrilled to share our latest customer spotlight, featuring the incredible journey of Reveal Events Group with PheedLoop! We had the pleasure of sitting down with none other than Tyler Olchowy, event coordinator at Reveal Events, to discuss some of his favorite features about PheedLoop. He praised the platform's extensive features, user-friendliness, and customizability. Keep reading to learn more about what he had to say below!

What is Reveal Events Group?

Reveal Events Group is an award-winning event production company that specializes in planning and executing a wide range of events, including onsite, virtual, and hybrid events. They have established themselves as a trusted partner in the industry. Their mission is to create joyful experiences and make every moment a memorable one.

Why Do PheedLoop and Reveal Events Group Work Well Together?

Reveal Events Group has been working with PheedLoop for many years and has become an expert in utilizing its features and functionalities. They offer start-to-finish event production services, encompassing everything from initial planning to flawless execution. Reveal Events Group is highly experienced in handling virtual, hybrid, and live events, making them a trusted partner for PheedLoop users seeking comprehensive event management solutions. 

Describe Why You Chose PheedLoop Over Other Platforms

When it comes to event management platforms, PheedLoop stood out for Reveal Events Group due to its extensive range of features and customizability functions. They have found that PheedLoop offers more capabilities and flexibility than other platforms they have explored, making it the ideal choice for their diverse event requirements.

Describe One Specific PheedLoop Feature that You Used for an Event

At a recent event, Together 2023 - Live from Banff, Reveal Events Group made innovative use of PheedLoop's Event App Gamification feature, the PheedLoop Go App. Recognizing that attendees nowadays rely heavily on their smartphones, they leveraged the App's capabilities to enhance engagement and incentivize participation. By incorporating gamification elements into the event app, they encouraged attendees to visit the Exhibit Hall, engage with exhibitors, and compete for exciting sponsored prizes.

What Problem Were You Trying to Solve?

The problem Reveal Events Group aimed to solve was the need for a seamless and efficient onsite registration process. They wanted a solution that would simplify the registration experience for attendees, eliminate the complexities associated with external vendors, and ensure real-time integration of data throughout the event. PheedLoop proved to be the ideal choice, simplifying the registration process and providing seamless management capabilities.

Results and Impact

The onsite registration powered by PheedLoop left a lasting impression on attendees. The flexibility to customize badges with different templates, including the capability to include images such as sponsor logos, was highly appreciated. Attendees were impressed by the ease of updating badge information on the fly, ensuring accurate and professional identification. Additionally, the lead retrieval feature simplified the process of capturing and managing attendee data, further enhancing the event experience.

What Would You Consider Doing Differently Next Time?

Reflecting on the experience, Reveal Events Group identified an opportunity to streamline their operations further. They are considering utilizing the bulk badging feature in PheedLoop to pre-print speaker badges, eliminating the need for manual badge creation. This would save time and effort, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently and optimize the overall event workflow. This improvement aims to enhance the experience for event organizers while maintaining the high level of service for attendees.

What is Your Advice to Other Planners Using PheedLoop?

Reveal Events Group recommends utilizing PheedLoop's extensive knowledge base (KB) to gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform's capabilities. Staying up to date with new features and reading the informative blog posts provided by PheedLoop is crucial to fully leverage the evolving power of the platform. By staying informed and exploring the available resources, event planners can unlock the full potential of PheedLoop and deliver outstanding experiences to their attendees.

What is Your Favorite Thing About PheedLoop?

Tyler Olchowy from Reveal Events Group finds the quality and sturdiness of PheedLoop's badges to be exceptional. The ability to customize badges without the need for custom code provides endless possibilities for creating visually appealing and engaging experiences for attendees. With PheedLoop, event planners can ensure that their branding is on point and that attendees have a memorable and professional event experience.

*Please note that the above content is an extended version of the provided audio recording, offering more details and elaboration for each section. It has been edited for clarity, coherence, and additional insights.*

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