PheedLoop Customer Case Study - NLC Mutual Insurance Company

In this customer spotlight, we will delve into the experience of Lena Scarpulla, a Membership Coordinator at NLC Mutual Insurance Company, and their successful utilization of PheedLoop's event management platform. NLC Mutual strives to deliver exceptional member experiences and engagement, and they found the perfect solution in PheedLoop. With a focus on attendee experience, customer support, interactive content, and event engagement, NLC Mutual has given PheedLoop a resounding five-star rating across the board. In this case study, we explore why NLC Mutual chose PheedLoop over other platforms, how they utilized the Event App to engage attendees, the results they achieved, and the valuable advice they have for other event planners.

What is NLC Mutual Insurance Company?

NLC Mutual is a renowned insurance company committed to providing top-notch service to its members. With a strong focus on responsiveness, quality programs, sustainable solutions, and market stability, NLC Mutual offers a wide range of insurance products and services, aiming to ensure the financial security and well-being of their members. The company operates on the principle of pooling together resources from its policyholders to provide financial protection and support. With a commitment to excellence, NLC Mutual has established itself as a trusted name in the insurance and investment landscape, serving the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Describe Why You Chose PheedLoop over Other Platforms

NLC Mutual Insurance Company found PheedLoop's Event App to be a game-changer for their conferences. One of the key reasons they opted for PheedLoop was the ease of getting attendees onto the Event App. Unlike other event apps they had used in the past, PheedLoop's process for inviting attendees and connecting them to the Event App seamlessly was remarkably easy. This convenience was highlighted in the previous spotlight on Lena Scarpulla and also mentioned in the G2 Crowd review by Lena S. Additionally, the Event App landing page provided by PheedLoop allowed attendees quick access to the Event App on various platforms, including Android, iPhone, and web access.

Moreover, the synchronization between the Event App and website proved to be a significant time-saving feature for the event planner at NLC Mutual. All changes made to the Event App and schedule were instantly updated on both the app and the website. This eliminated the need for duplicative tasks, enabling the event planner to focus on other important aspects of conference management. The seamless integration and time-saving capabilities of PheedLoop set it apart from other platforms NLC Mutual had considered.

Describe How You Used the Event App to Engage Attendees

NLC Mutual Insurance Company employed various strategies to engage attendees using PheedLoop's Event App:

  1. Seamlessly invite attendees: By avoiding the need for account creations, attendees were able to log in to the Event App effortlessly. This allowed them to ditch the traditional paper schedules and access all event-related information digitally.
  2. Pre-event engagement: NLC Mutual leveraged PheedLoop's Event App to engage attendees ahead of time. Providing early access to the app allowed attendees to familiarize themselves with the conference agenda, speakers, and session information. This enhanced their overall event experience.
  3. Effective notifications: The use of notifications through the Event App proved to be a powerful tool for NLC Mutual. Attendees received timely updates about meal times, session information, and session surveys. These notifications ensured that attendees were well-informed and actively participated in conference activities.

Results and Impact

NLC Mutual Insurance Company achieved impressive results by utilizing PheedLoop for their three-day conference with over 200 attendees:

  1. Successful transition from paper booklets: Attendees embraced the Event App, eliminating the need for traditional paper booklets. This streamlined their access to conference information and improved their overall experience.
  2. Positive login experience: Attendees encountered no issues or hurdles during the login process, as they did not need to create accounts. This seamless login experience ensured that attendees could dive straight into the Event App without any hassle.

From an event management perspective, PheedLoop's features delivered several benefits:

  • Instant changes to the Event App and schedule on the website: Real-time updates allowed event planners to modify conference details swiftly, ensuring attendees had the latest information.
  • Reduction of duplicate tasks: With the synchronization between the Event App and website, the event planner was able to eliminate duplicate tasks. This freed up valuable time to focus on other critical conference aspects.
  • Increased efficiency: By streamlining conference management tasks, PheedLoop empowered the event planner to allocate more time to essential responsibilities, enhancing overall event efficiency.
  • Based on the success of their initial conference, NLC Mutual Insurance Company plans to utilize PheedLoop for future events of similar size.

Advice to Other Planners

Drawing from her experience, Lena Scarpulla offers valuable advice to other event planners considering PheedLoop:

  1. Leverage the Knowledge Base: PheedLoop's Knowledge Base contains a wealth of information, including valuable tips and solutions to address various needs. Exploring this resource can provide insights into optimizing the platform's capabilities, even for minor details.
  2. Schedule virtual training sessions: Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in virtual training sessions. These sessions offer a platform for asking questions and gaining a deeper understanding of PheedLoop's functionalities. Often, brief interactions can resolve queries efficiently.
  3. Seek additional support when needed: NLC Mutual Insurance Company praised PheedLoop for their excellent support system. Event planners should not hesitate to reach out for assistance. PheedLoop promptly responds and offers one-on-one coaching sessions to address specific requirements.
  4. Utilize the announcement feature: The announcement feature, capable of delivering email and push notifications, proves invaluable for important event updates. Lena shared a scenario where they successfully informed attendees about a crucial off-site event arrangement using both email and push notifications.

Closing Thoughts 

NLC Mutual Insurance Company's experience with PheedLoop exemplifies the platform's ability to deliver exceptional attendee engagement and streamline event management processes. By choosing PheedLoop over other platforms, they seamlessly connected attendees to the Event App, synchronized event details, and achieved remarkable results. Lena Scarpulla's advice to other planners highlights the importance of leveraging PheedLoop's resources, scheduling training sessions, and embracing the platform's support system. As NLC Mutual looks to future events, they can confidently rely on PheedLoop to continue delivering exceptional member experiences and engagement.

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