PheedLoop Customer Case Study - Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES)
“Engagement is the name of the game and that’s why I decided to go with PheedLoop.” - Jessica LeBlanc from FES

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What is FES?

The Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES) is a renowned organization dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and fostering global leadership. Their mission is to empower youth to make positive environmental changes and drive societal progress towards a greener future. To achieve their goals, FES collaborates with various organizations and hosts events that promote environmental education and awareness. FES hosted a Leadership Conference in collaboration with Beta Gamma Sigma, a prestigious academic honor society. To elevate the event experience and enhance attendee engagement, FES turned to PheedLoop to enhance attendee engagement and streamline event operations. This case study explores how PheedLoop effectively addressed FES's event requirements and facilitated an exceptional conference experience.

Choosing PheedLoop

FES carefully evaluated several event management platforms and ultimately chose PheedLoop for its exceptional features and benefits. The decision was reinforced by positive feedback from other users, including a glowing review on G2 Crowd. Some key reasons for selecting PheedLoop were as follows:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: PheedLoop offered a competitive pricing structure, especially when compared to alternative platforms such as Hop-in, even after accounting for necessary upgrades.
  2. Quick and Easy Setup: FES needed a solution that could be swiftly implemented, and PheedLoop fulfilled this requirement seamlessly.
  3. Free Event System Feature: PheedLoop's inclusion of a free event system feature was highly advantageous to FES, allowing them to manage and organize their conference efficiently.
  4. Sponsorship Opportunities: PheedLoop provided valuable sponsorship opportunities, enabling FES to showcase its sponsors and partners effectively.
  5. Advanced Engagement Tools: PheedLoop's advanced networking and gamification features were instrumental in combating attendee fatigue and disengagement, offering a dynamic and motivating conference experience.

Using Gamification for Enhanced Engagement

FES recognized the importance of maintaining attendee interest and enthusiasm throughout the conference. Leveraging Gamification techniques proved to be an effective strategy in achieving this goal. Jessica, the event organizer, explained during her interview how Gamification played a pivotal role in enhancing engagement. Key aspects included:

  1. Combating Fatigue and Disengagement: FES acknowledged the potential for attendee fatigue during a multi-day event. By incorporating gamification, they ensured a constant stream of interactive and exciting activities to keep participants engaged and motivated.
  2. Motivation through Gamification: Gamification elements were strategically integrated into the conference, fostering healthy competition, rewarding participation, and encouraging attendees to actively contribute and network.

Results and Impact

By harnessing the power of PheedLoop's comprehensive event management platform, FES successfully hosted a three-day Leadership Conference that far exceeded expectations in terms of engagement and attendee satisfaction. The event featured a diverse range of activities, including guest speaker sessions, interactive educational workshops with breakouts, group networking, case competitions, ice breakers, and panel discussions—all facilitated by PheedLoop. The incorporation of gamification elements further elevated the conference experience, ensuring attendees remained actively involved and motivated throughout.

A key outcome of using PheedLoop was the amplified recognition and visibility of sponsors and partners. FES received positive feedback from these stakeholders, who greatly appreciated the additional recognition facilitated by the platform.

Advice to Other Planners

Reflecting on their experience with PheedLoop, FES offers the following advice to other event planners:

  1. Utilize the Knowledge Base: PheedLoop's Knowledge Base contains a wealth of valuable content. Make full use of this resource to maximize the platform's capabilities.
  2. Access Quick Support: FES commends PheedLoop for their swift and efficient support system. If assistance is required, don't hesitate to reach out to their support team.
  3. Utilize Drop-In Live Q&A: Take advantage of the Drop-In Live Q&A feature offered by PheedLoop. It provides a convenient way to engage with attendees and address their queries in real-time.
  4. Seek Additional Support: If further guidance or coaching is needed, FES recommends reaching out to PheedLoop. The platform's team is highly responsive and accommodating, ensuring that planners receive the assistance they require.


FES's collaboration with PheedLoop enabled them to organize an exceptional Leadership Conference, surpassing attendee engagement expectations. The incorporation of gamification elements and PheedLoop's comprehensive features played a crucial role in achieving this success. By leveraging the platform's capabilities effectively, FES created an immersive and rewarding conference experience that left a lasting impact on participants and stakeholders alike.

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