PheedLoop Customer Case Study: Eleven Events

Eleven Events, based in Regina and established in 2018, specializes in partnering with clients to execute successful events, fundraisers, and gala nights for both corporate and non-profit organizations. In a recent interview, Jodi Rodriguez, Owner of Eleven Events, shared her experiences with PheedLoop, explaining why she chose it over other platforms, the standout features she loves, the problems it solved, and the results she achieved.


Jodi faced a challenge when working with groups that had limited budgets for event platforms. She needed a cost-effective solution that could cater to both in-person and virtual attendees while providing a professional event experience. After considering various options, Jodi decided to go with PheedLoop due to its affordable price point, ease of use, and impressive features.

Why PheedLoop?

Jodi was drawn to PheedLoop primarily because of its cost-effectiveness. With the ability to get started for pennies and scale as you grow, PheedLoop provided the ideal solution for executing hybrid events while staying within budget. The platform allowed her to work seamlessly, creating engaging and professional events for both in-person and online experiences. Additionally, Jodi found PheedLoop's platform intuitive, making it effortless to navigate and manage events effectively.

Standout Features

Among the various features that PheedLoop offered, Jodi emphasized the Event Website as the biggest standout. Unlike other platforms where custom development might be necessary, PheedLoop's built-in event site enabled her to create visually appealing and comprehensive event pages in no-time. Not all clients can afford custom-developed event pages, and PheedLoop addressed this with an inclusive option that allowed Eleven Events to create beautiful and professional event websites with multiple pages. Jodi emphasized that this enhanced the event's overall appeal and made it stand out as a premium experience.

The ability to link various elements within the event site, such as speakers' profiles and presentations, streamlined the attendee experience and provided easy access to relevant information. The integrated registration feature was user-friendly and allowed Eleven Events to streamline the attendee registration process, helping to increase ticket sales for their clients. 

Useful Functionalities

Jodi found the speaker page and internal linking within the event website to be particularly useful. The speaker page made it easy for attendees to access information about the event's presenters, while internal links provided smooth navigation throughout the site. The registration process also received praise for its simplicity and efficiency.

Solving Problems

PheedLoop provided Eleven Events with an all-in-one tool to solve multiple event management challenges. The platform's virtual environment seamlessly integrated with Zoom, elevating the virtual event experience and making it look professional. This integration allowed Eleven Events to engage an international audience successfully and received positive feedback from participants worldwide.

Having all the event-related information, including abstracts, presenters, speakers, attendees, and registration details, centralized in one place streamlined the event planning process. This convenience enhanced productivity and made it easier for Jodi and her team to track event progress and make informed decisions.

Results and Future Improvements

Using PheedLoop, Eleven Events witnessed great engagement from international audiences, leading to positive reviews and feedback. The platform's virtual site environment, coupled with Zoom integration, elevated the overall event experience and left a lasting impression on attendees.

When reflecting on her experience, Jodi shared her desire to delve deeper into PheedLoop's analytics after the event. Although she found the available analytics useful, she believed there was room to explore more detailed insights for the benefit of clients in the post-event analysis.

Advice to Other Planners

Jodi's advice to other event planners is straightforward—give PheedLoop a try! She praised the platform's flexibility, value for money, and its ability to add or remove features as per specific event needs. Additionally, she highlighted the immense help she received from PheedLoop's daily office hours. The availability of real human support during those sessions was invaluable in resolving queries quickly and efficiently.


Jodi Rodriguez's experience using PheedLoop with Eleven Events showcases the platform's ability to provide an affordable, versatile, and professional event management solution. PheedLoop's standout features, seamless Zoom integration, and comprehensive event website capabilities allowed Jodi to successfully execute hybrid events and engage an international audience. With the convenience of centralizing all event-related information, Jodi and her team were able to streamline event planning and deliver exceptional experiences to their clients. Looking forward, Jodi plans to explore more of PheedLoop's analytics features to gain deeper insights for future events. Her positive experience and advice serve as a testament to PheedLoop's value and effectiveness in the event planning industry.

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