PheedLoop Customer Case Study: CPHR Saskatchewan
August 22, 2023

In this customer case study, we dive into the experience of CPHR Saskatchewan, a premier Professional Association for Human Resource Professionals, as they embarked on their virtual event journey with the help of PheedLoop. Leanne Pawlyshyn, Marketing and Events Manager at CPHR Saskatchewan, shares insights into their decision-making process, the challenges they sought to overcome, the features they utilized, and their overall impressions of using the PheedLoop platform. Through this case study, we gain valuable insights into how PheedLoop helped CPHR Saskatchewan successfully transition to virtual events, enhance attendee engagement, and create a dynamic virtual conference experience.

CPHR SK: Background

CPHR Saskatchewan is dedicated to granting the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation in Saskatchewan, promoting excellence within the HR profession, and building public trust through self-regulation. Governed by The Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Act and its Board of Directors, CPHR Saskatchewan serves its approximately 1,300 members by providing resources, education, and networking opportunities to stay at the forefront of the HR industry, maintaining industry standards and facilitating connections among HR professionals. In a bid to bring together HR professionals from across the province for informative conferences and networking opportunities, CPHR Saskatchewan delved into the world of virtual events by leveraging PheedLoop.  

Choosing PheedLoop: A Trusted Recommendation

The decision to utilize PheedLoop for their virtual events was influenced by recommendations from other provincial CPHR associations, such as CPHR BC & Yukon, CPHR Atlantic, and CPHR Manitoba. These associations highlighted PheedLoop's ease of use, navigation, affordability, and feature enhancements that elevated their respective events. This endorsement from peer organizations instilled confidence in CPHR Saskatchewan's decision to select PheedLoop as their event management solution.

Utilizing PheedLoop Features for Engaging Virtual Events

To replicate the interactive and engaging nature of in-person conferences, CPHR Saskatchewan leveraged several features of PheedLoop:

  1. Stage & Sessions: The core feature that facilitated the organization of virtual sessions, presentations, workshops, and enabling seamless access for attendees.
  2. Exhibit Hall: CPHR Saskatchewan organized a virtual trade show using the Exhibit Hall feature, allowing vendors to customize their booths with logos, colors, videos, and social handles. Attendees could interact with vendors, ask questions, and participate in draws, simulating an in-person trade show experience.
  3. Advanced Networking: The Advanced Networking feature, including a customizable matchmaking survey, facilitated connections between attendees based on their expertise and interests. This feature encouraged meaningful interactions, networking, and knowledge sharing.
  4. Lead Retrieval: CPHR Saskatchewan's vendors greatly benefited from the Lead Retrieval feature, enabling them to connect further with attendees who expressed interest in their products or services, fostering meaningful interactions and opportunities for future engagements.
  5. Gamification: Though yet to be utilized, CPHR Saskatchewan expressed eagerness to explore the gamification feature, adding an element of excitement and competition to their events.

Addressing Challenges and Achieving Results

The central challenge for CPHR Saskatchewan was creating virtual events that captured the vibrancy and engagement of in-person conferences. PheedLoop's features, particularly the Exhibit Hall and Advanced Networking, played a crucial role in addressing this challenge. These features allowed attendees to interact with vendors, navigate the virtual tradeshow, and engage in meaningful networking. The results were impressive, with attendees actively participating in the Exhibit Hall and forging connections, even in the absence of physical proximity. This helped maintain the sense of community that characterizes HR professionals and their events.

Lessons Learned and Future Outlook

Reflecting on their experience, CPHR Saskatchewan expressed a desire to explore more of PheedLoop's features, particularly the website landing page and integrated registration and payment processing. The user-friendly nature of PheedLoop's modules made them confident in the platform's ability to streamline and enhance their event management processes. Looking forward, CPHR Saskatchewan plans to integrate more features to continue creating immersive virtual experiences that bring value to their members.

Advice to Other Event Planners

Leanne shared valuable insights for other event planners considering PheedLoop:

  1. Leverage Resources: Make use of the extensive knowledge base, videos, and support articles provided by PheedLoop during setup. They offer step-by-step guidance and answers to common questions.
  2. Customization: Take advantage of PheedLoop's customizable features to create a visually impressive and engaging event. From branding to interactive elements, customization can elevate the attendee experience.
  3. Support and Feedback: Reach out to PheedLoop's support team for assistance whenever needed. Their timely and effective support ensures a smooth event execution.
  4. Explore Features: Take the time to explore and test out the various features offered by PheedLoop. As comfort with the platform grows, event planners can gradually incorporate more features into their events.


The case of CPHR Saskatchewan's experience with PheedLoop highlights the successful transformation of their annual conferences into engaging virtual events. By leveraging PheedLoop's features, the organization was able to replicate the interactive nature of in-person conferences, fostering connections, engagement, and networking opportunities for attendees and vendors alike. The decision to choose PheedLoop was validated by its ease of use, customization options, and robust support system. As virtual events continue to play a significant role in the post-pandemic landscape, CPHR Saskatchewan's experience serves as an inspiring example of how organizations can adapt and thrive with innovative event management solutions like PheedLoop.

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