PheedLoop Customer Case Study: Consortium of State School Board Associations (COSSBA)

In this week’s Customer Spotlight, we're thrilled to showcase Glenn Blind, Director of Events and Meeting Management at the Consortium of State School Board Associations (COSSBA). Glenn's journey with PheedLoop has been nothing short of remarkable, and we're excited to delve into his experience with our event management platform. Join us as we explore how PheedLoop has transformed event planning for COSSBA and learn why Glenn Blind chose PheedLoop among other event management platforms.

Introduction to COSSBA

The Consortium of State School Board Associations (COSSBA), was established by State School Board Associations in late 2021. This nonpartisan national alliance is dedicated to sharing resources and information to support, promote, and strengthen State School Board Associations as they serve their local districts and board members. COSSBA operates as a membership-based organization, with the State School Boards being its primary members. As a result, local school boards affiliated with the State Association automatically become members of COSSBA. Currently, COSSBA boasts 25 member states and continues to expand its reach by bringing more states under its fold.

Glenn's Journey with PheedLoop

Glenn Blind, Director of Events and Meeting Management at COSSBA, graciously agreed to share his insights on using PheedLoop. In this case study, Glenn discusses his organization's transition to PheedLoop and how it has impacted their event planning and management processes.

Why PheedLoop?

When asked why he decided to choose PheedLoop over other event management platforms, Glenn provided a comprehensive response. He shared that he began using PheedLoop in 2019 when he was associated with a different organization. Upon joining COSSBA, he found that the existing event platform was unreliable and inadequate for their needs. The organization faced an imminent challenge with three consecutive events on the horizon. PheedLoop was the solution to their problems, as Glenn was already familiar with the platform's capabilities.

Glenn highlighted the importance of having a reliable event management platform for a membership-based organization like COSSBA. He also expressed his excitement about PheedLoop's continuous evolution and the addition of the membership management module. This feature aligns perfectly with COSSBA's long-term goals, making PheedLoop a valuable choice for their event needs.

Key Features and Benefits

Glenn emphasized several features of PheedLoop that have greatly enhanced COSSBA's event planning experience:

  1. Customizable Registration Process: PheedLoop's registration process can be tailored to meet COSSBA's unique needs. This flexibility ensures a seamless registration experience for attendees.
  2. On-Site Check-In: The on-site check-in option impressed Glenn and the attendees. It was not only easy to use but also received positive feedback for being the "easiest check-in ever." This feature significantly contributed to enhancing attendee experience and satisfaction.
  3. Mobile App: Glenn is a big fan of PheedLoop's mobile app, considering it an eco-friendly solution for today's sustainability-conscious events. Attendees appreciated the ease of accessing event information, agendas, and real-time communication through the app.
  4. Advanced Networking and Push Notifications: Glenn opted for advanced networking and push notifications, enriching the attendee experience and allowing for seamless communication and networking opportunities.
  5. Translations Tool: The translations tool was particularly helpful for Glenn in customizing terminology to match COSSBA's preferences. This feature streamlined attendee questions and improved user understanding.

Results and Benefits

Since transitioning to PheedLoop, COSSBA has experienced significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Attendee Experience: Attendees have found the platform easy to navigate, resulting in fewer questions and smoother registration flows.
  • Time and Resource Efficiency: With PheedLoop's robust features, Glenn and his team can manage events effectively without relying on third-party services, saving time and resources.
  • Positive Feedback: Attendees and sponsor stakeholders have provided positive feedback about the platform's user-friendliness and efficiency.

Future Plans

Glenn shared his excitement about using PheedLoop's exhibitor registration feature, which has the potential to revolutionize their event management further. This new feature is expected to simplify the process, reduce manual work, and make it easier for non-technical users to participate in event planning.

Advice for Event Planners

Glenn's advice for event planners using or considering PheedLoop:

  • Do Your Homework: Compare event management systems thoroughly, considering both your organization's needs and budget constraints.
  • Robust and Budget-Friendly Solutions: Seek a platform that offers robust features while remaining budget-friendly. It's essential to find the right balance that suits your organization's requirements.

Glenn's Favorite Thing About PheedLoop

Glenn's favorite aspect of PheedLoop is its continuous evolution. He appreciates how PheedLoop regularly introduces new features and updates, ensuring that organizations like COSSBA stay at the forefront of event technology. PheedLoop's commitment to providing efficient registration, mobile app capabilities, and onsite check-in solutions aligns perfectly with COSSBA's mission.


In this Customer Spotlight, Glenn Blind shared his journey with PheedLoop and how it has revolutionized event planning for the Consortium of State School Board Associations. Glenn's insights underscore the importance of finding an event management platform that is both robust and budget-friendly to enhance attendee experiences and streamline event planning processes. PheedLoop's continuous innovation and user-friendly features have made it an invaluable tool for COSSBA and countless other organizations seeking to elevate their events. We thank Glenn for his time and valuable feedback, and we look forward to witnessing the continued success of COSSBA's events with PheedLoop.

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