PheedLoop Customer Case Study: Canadian Association of Midwives

The Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) is a pivotal organization that advocates for the essential role of midwives in sexual, reproductive, and newborn health. CAM works at various levels to drive legislative changes, secure funding, empower regional associations, and provide midwives with tools and learning opportunities. The organization's ultimate goal is to ensure equitable access to high-quality sexual, reproductive, and newborn midwifery services for all individuals.


In 2001, CAM partnered with the National Council of Indigenous Midwives (NCIM) to advance their mission. With the advent of virtual events, CAM sought a comprehensive platform that could accommodate their diverse needs and facilitate engagement among their members. The transition from in-person conferences to virtual events was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting the need for an interactive, participatory, and efficient solution.

Choosing PheedLoop

CAM's journey with PheedLoop began four years ago when they were exploring options for a virtual event platform. Prior to this, CAM had been organizing annual in-person conferences. They desired an interactive virtual platform that could replicate the engagement and participation experienced in physical events. After thorough research, they selected PheedLoop due to its robust features and ability to fulfill their requirements.

Key Features Utilized

CAM leveraged an array of PheedLoop features to create engaging and successful events. For virtual events, they extensively utilized features such as ticketing, abstract and speaker management. These features allowed CAM to streamline processes among attendees, marking a turning point in member engagement. The speaker management and abstract submission process was particularly efficient, allowing for seamless content creation and presentation.

For in-person events, CAM continued to benefit from abstract management, speaker management, and also experienced success with the sponsors and exhibitors features. These features enabled exhibitors to manage their own booths, establishing a self-serve model, simplifying the process and enhancing engagement. 

Addressing Challenges

CAM's primary challenges included transitioning from in-person to virtual events and overcoming resource constraints. The move to virtual events required a platform that could recreate the engagement of physical events. Resource limitations necessitated efficiency, making a platform like PheedLoop invaluable. With its thoughtful design and all-encompassing capabilities, PheedLoop addressed these challenges, simplifying processes and saving valuable time for the team at CAM.

Results Achieved

CAM's adoption of PheedLoop resulted in several positive outcomes. Attendee engagement for virtual events improved as participants grew accustomed to the platform. The abstract management feature streamlined content creation and presentation, reducing manual work. The auto-population of speaker bios and session descriptions from approved content saved significant time. Additionally, the exhibitor self-management feature was well-received, allowing exhibitors to independently manage their booths!

Lessons Learned and Future Improvements

Reflecting on their experience, CAM identified the importance of thoroughly understanding PheedLoop's capabilities. They recommended dedicating time to exploring the platform's features and onboarding resources, as PheedLoop's thoughtfully designed interface can be overwhelming initially. Furthermore, they recognized the value of ensuring all staff members are adequately trained to maximize the benefits of the platform.

Future Prospects

While CAM currently utilizes many of PheedLoop's features, they expressed interest in further exploring the platform's capabilities. They acknowledged PheedLoop's continuous improvement and expressed curiosity about features like SmartSight for improved reporting. Additionally, they highlighted the positive prospect of utilizing the badge and label printers for increased efficiency.

Advice for Planners

CAM's advice to other event planners is to invest time in thoroughly understanding the platform through the available onboarding resources. Given the vast capabilities of PheedLoop, taking the time to explore its features can significantly enhance event planning and management processes. Additionally, ensuring all team members are trained to leverage the platform's potential can lead to smoother operations and increased efficiency.


The Canadian Association of Midwives' experience with PheedLoop demonstrates the power of adopting a comprehensive event management platform that addresses the challenges of transitioning from in-person to virtual events. Through PheedLoop's features, CAM successfully replicated engagement, streamlined operations, and saved valuable time. The association's story serves as an inspiring case study for organizations seeking to enhance their event management and engagement strategies.

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