PheedLoop Customer Case Study: BIOTECanada

In this customer spotlight, we explore how Shaely Williams, Senior Manager at BIOTECanada, embraced PheedLoop as the ultimate solution for transitioning from in-person to virtual events during the pandemic. With over 230 member companies nationwide, BIOTECanada represents Canada's diverse life sciences and biotechnology ecosystem, comprising large national Biopharmas like Pfizer, Bayer, and Merck, as well as non-corporate members, affiliates, and academia. Shaely's journey with PheedLoop is an insightful testament to the platform's value in simplifying event management, fostering engaging experiences, and providing comprehensive solutions for hybrid models.

What is BIOTECanada?

BIOTECanada is the national industry association with over 200 members located nation wide, reflecting the diverse nature of Canada’s health, industrial and agricultural biotechnology sectors. In addition to providing significant health benefits for Canadians, the biotechnology industry has quickly become an essential part of the transformation of many traditional cornerstones of the Canadian economy including manufacturing, automotive, energy, aerospace and forestry industries.

Choosing PheedLoop Over Other Platforms

As the pandemic shifted events from in-person to virtual settings, Shaely and her team had to adapt quickly. PheedLoop emerged as their prime choice for virtual events due to its seamless execution of current in-person events in a virtual format. It allowed for event registration, programming, and scheduling in a way that provided attendees with an experience similar to an in-person event. The fact that PheedLoop was a Canadian-based company was a bonus, as it demonstrated their familiarity with the Canadian space, as well as understanding and aligning with the unique requirements of the Canadian market. 

Leveraging PheedLoop Features:

  1. Integration with Familiar Tools: Shaely appreciated how PheedLoop could pair with tools like Zoom and Canva, making it easy to integrate and enhance event components. They used the platform for four separate events, where they implemented pre-rolls before event sessions, scheduled programming, and easily incorporated icons and sizing.
  2. Streamlining the Process: By using PheedLoop's all-in-one system, BIOTECanada eliminated the need for third-party platforms, streamlining the registration process and reducing the complexity of managing virtual and in-person events all in one place.
  3. Planning for a Hybrid Model: As in-person events slowly make a comeback, Shaely expressed interest in further exploring PheedLoop's sponsorship opportunities and exhibit hall features to enrich the hybrid event experience. While they didn't use Meet & Stream for their virtual events, Shaely acknowledged its potential for their future hybrid model, where they aim to combine in-person and virtual elements for events.

The Problem PheedLoop Solved

One of the key problems PheedLoop addressed for BIOTECanada was the need for an all-in-one event management system. Previously, they had to use multiple platforms for registration, ticket distribution, and event hosting. PheedLoop streamlined their processes, enabling them to handle everything from event registration to hosting, replacing the need to use multiple platforms like Eventbrite for registration and Zoom for hosting.

Results and Benefits

The switch to PheedLoop brought significant ease to BIOTECanada's event planning. Shaely mentioned how PheedLoop’s user-friendly nature made it easy to pick up things even for someone new to event management. She had access to the event's details and resources everywhere, from her laptop to her mobile phone, and the platform's intuitive nature made her look like an event management pro. Moreover, the reporting and analytics capabilities provided valuable post-event insights, enhancing BIOTECanada's overall success.

Considerations for Future Events

For future events, Shaely aims to explore more features of PheedLoop that they haven't fully utilized yet. She plans on leveraging the badge system to provide attendees with a comprehensive event experience, from accessing the mobile app to having printable badges for the in-person component. Additionally, they intend on enhancing sponsorship opportunities and further utilizing the exhibit hall to add value to their events.

Advice for Other Planners Using PheedLoop

Shaely's advice to other planners is to showcase the platform's backend capabilities and the end result to potential users. By demonstrating how PheedLoop works and the experience it offers, planners can better understand its functionalities and see the benefits it brings to event management. She also suggests leveraging tutorials and support resources, like the knowledge base articles, to make the most of PheedLoop's features.

Shaely's Favorite Thing about PheedLoop

Shaely expressed her appreciation for PheedLoop's constant innovation and new feature releases. The platform's ability to continuously improve and adapt to the changing needs of event organizers impressed her, and she commended the team's efforts in making their jobs easier and more efficient.

Closing Thoughts

Shaely Williams' journey with PheedLoop and BIOTECanada serves as a glowing customer case study. Embracing the platform's user-friendly features and all-in-one system, BIOTECanada efficiently managed virtual events and successfully transitioned back to in-person experiences. PheedLoop's seamless integration with familiar tools, robust features, and exceptional customer support made it an invaluable asset for BIOTECanada's event management needs. As events continue to evolve, PheedLoop remains an indispensable ally, empowering organizations to deliver unforgettable experiences to attendees worldwide.

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