PheedLoop Customer Case Study: BC Care Providers Association

In the world of event planning, finding the perfect platform to seamlessly manage registrations, speakers, and attendees can be a daunting task. However, BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) found their solution in PheedLoop. In this customer case study, we delve into BCCPA's experience with PheedLoop's innovative features and how it transformed their annual conference planning process!


Established in 1977, BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) stands as a pivotal voice for British Columbia's continuing care sector. With a diverse membership of over 450 long-term care, assisted living, and commercial entities, BCCPA is dedicated to promoting quality care for seniors and individuals in need. Their advocacy encompasses independent living and private-pay home health operators, offering a comprehensive approach to the sector's advancement. The annual conference serves as a crucial platform for knowledge sharing and networking in the continuing care sector. However, when the pandemic hit, BCCPA faced the challenge of transitioning their in-person conference to a virtual format while maintaining the same level of engagement and professionalism.

Choosing PheedLoop: A User-Friendly Solution

Cathy Szmaus, the Associate Director of Events at BCCPA, discussed how they found their answer using PheedLoop. Faced with the need for a more interactive and cost-effective solution compared to their previous platform, BCCPA was drawn to PheedLoop's user-friendly and comprehensive features. 

"The platform offered features we needed, such as interactive booth selection during exhibitor registration, at a lower price point. Plus, being a Canadian company, it felt right," Cathy shared.

Solving the Proposal Puzzle

While BCCPA explored various PheedLoop features, one stood out as a game-changer—the Call for Proposals feature. This feature allowed speakers to submit their proposals seamlessly, eliminating the previous cumbersome email-based process. The Reviewer portal simplified the selection process by enabling side-by-side comparisons of speaker submissions, ultimately saving valuable time for both the BCCPA team and the conference committee. It also facilitated collaboration among the team, resulting in more submissions and easier selection of sessions. Moreover, the selected submissions were effortlessly integrated into the conference website, expediting the registration process.

The Power of On-Site Badge Printing

The on-site badge printing feature marked another milestone in BCCPA's event management journey. Previously, they had pre-printed hundreds of badges, leading to time-consuming efforts and room for errors. PheedLoop's on-site badge printing transformed this process, allowing attendees to seamlessly check in and correct any details on the spot. This feature not only saved time but also enhanced the professional look of their events.

Continuous Innovation and Collaboration

Cathy Szmaus highlighted the value of PheedLoop's responsiveness to planner ideas and suggestions. She recalled a specific instance where her suggestion for a gamification feature was swiftly implemented. This flexibility and willingness to collaborate enable associations like BCCPA to customize the platform to their specific needs, resulting in enhanced attendee experiences.

Maximizing Efficiency and Professionalism

As a testament to their satisfaction with PheedLoop, Cathy Szmaus emphasized that the investment was worth every penny. As Cathy succinctly puts it, "Spend the money, get all the features." The platform's features, from the call for proposals to the on-site badge printing, enabled BCCPA to enhance efficiency, professionalism, and attendee engagement. With PheedLoop's support, BCCPA's small team achieved more in less time, allowing them to focus on delivering an exceptional conference.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future with PheedLoop

BCCPA's journey with PheedLoop is a story of collaboration, innovation, and transformation. The association's experience showcases how PheedLoop's features, including the call for proposals, on-site badge printing, and gamification, contribute to creating seamless, engaging, and impactful events. As BCCPA continues to build on their successes, it's evident that their partnership with PheedLoop plays a vital role in shaping the future of their events.

In conclusion, BC Care Providers Association's experience with PheedLoop demonstrates the power of finding the right event management platform that aligns with an organization's needs and goals. Through the collaborative approach, innovative solutions, and exceptional support that PheedLoop provides, BCCPA has been able to elevate their events, streamline processes, and ultimately create more meaningful experiences for their attendees.

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