AdvantAge Ontario's Virtual Event Success: A PheedLoop Case Study

AdvantAge Ontario, the trusted voice for not-for-profit senior care for over a century, faced a unique challenge when the pandemic struck. With the sudden shift to virtual events, the organization needed an innovative and flexible platform to host complex virtual events effectively. After careful consideration and research, they chose PheedLoop over other platforms due to its constant innovation, customizable pricing structure, and commitment to meeting the needs of event planners. In this case study, we will delve into Stuart Sweeney's experience as an event planner at AdvantAge Ontario, exploring why they chose PheedLoop over other platforms, highlighting the significant impact of a specific PheedLoop feature (the Seat Planner), and sharing their valuable insights and recommendations for other event planners.

What is AdvantAge Ontario?

AdvantAge Ontario is the only provincial association representing the full spectrum of the senior care continuum in Ontario, Canada. With more than 400 members spread across the province, the organization includes not-for-profit, charitable, and municipal long-term care homes, seniors' housing, assisted living in supportive housing, and community service agencies.

Why Choose PheedLoop Over Other Platforms?

AdvantAge Ontario's decision to choose PheedLoop was primarily driven by the platform's continuous innovation and tailored solutions for the events community, particularly during the virtual event boom of the past few years. PheedLoop's ability to adapt to their specific needs, rather than being restricted to predefined packages, was another decisive factor. Additionally, the platform offered a cost-effective solution, empowering the organization to purchase modules and add-ons according to their requirements.

PheedLoop's Impactful Feature: The Seat Planner

The seat planner emerged as a game-changer for AdvantAge Ontario's annual banquet, where over 500 attendees gathered to network and connect. The challenge was to efficiently manage banquet seating reservations for eligible delegates, allowing them to sit with their colleagues and friends. The newly released seat planner from PheedLoop provided a practical and user-friendly solution.

Problem Solving with the Seat Planner

The organization's need for a streamlined onsite banquet seating reservation process was critical. With numerous attendees and a variety of seating arrangements, AdvantAge Ontario sought a solution that allowed reservations only for eligible delegates. The seat planner presented an ideal solution to this challenge.

Implementing the Seat Planner

The eligible delegates were pre-loaded into the seat planner program, ensuring a seamless reservation process during the banquet. Attendees arriving at the reservation desk could quickly view available tables and make reservations for their teams and colleagues. The simplicity and efficiency of the seat planner led to shorter lines at the reservation desk, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall experience for attendees.

Positive Outcomes

The implementation of the seat planner resulted in numerous positive outcomes for AdvantAge Ontario. Attendees could easily reserve seats for their teams and clients, simplifying the process for all involved. Moreover, the ease of use of the seat planner reduced the learning curve for both staff and attendees, making the reservation process hassle-free.

Future Improvements

As the seat planner was a newly launched feature, AdvantAge Ontario identified some areas for improvement. Next time, the organization plans to allocate more lead-up time to test and train their staff, ensuring a smoother implementation process. The support received from the PheedLoop team was commendable, with quick responses and solutions to unique challenges.

Advice for Other Planners Using PheedLoop

AdvantAge Ontario highly recommends other event planners seriously consider adopting PheedLoop for their events. With a wide array of modules and frequent new releases, PheedLoop remains at the forefront of event management software. The platform's approachability, receptivity to feedback, and cost-effective offerings make it an exceptional choice for event planners looking to optimize their virtual and hybrid events.

Favorite Thing About PheedLoop

One of the standout features of PheedLoop, according to AdvantAge Ontario, is the platform's approachability and commitment to understanding planner issues. PheedLoop actively seeks suggestions and feedback from its users, providing regular updates, additional tools, and options either at no additional cost or at reasonable rates. This level of dedication to meeting planner needs sets PheedLoop apart from other event management platforms.


AdvantAge Ontario's experience with PheedLoop exemplifies the platform's ability to meet the complex needs of event planners during the virtual event era. The seat planner feature provided an efficient solution for banquet seating reservations, streamlining the process for both staff and attendees. The organization's positive outcomes and advice to other planners demonstrate PheedLoop's effectiveness and commitment to continuous innovation. With its approachability, customizable options, and cost-effectiveness, PheedLoop stands out as a reliable partner for event planners seeking success in the virtual and hybrid event landscape.

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