PheedLoop and CSE Live EventFest: Powering Meaningful Experiences for Event Professionals
July 28, 2023

Canadian Special Events Magazine's EventFest, held from May 1-3, 2023, was a resounding success, thanks in no small part to PheedLoop's collaboration as the official Event Technology Partner for the fourth consecutive year! With a robust suite of event solutions, PheedLoop sponsored the event, providing event professionals with cutting-edge technologies to enhance their experience. From the hybrid mobile event app to event registration, onsite badge printing, and exhibitor management, PheedLoop was at the forefront of empowering attendees and exhibitors alike.

A Showcase of Innovation: CSE Live EventFest

CSE Live EventFest, hosted proudly at the Evergreen Brick Works, unfolded as a festival of innovation dedicated to empowering event professionals in creating impactful and meaningful experiences for their clients, stakeholders, and organizations. With an emphasis on immersive programming, world-class education, gourmet food experiences, and high-profile B2B networking opportunities, CSE Live was a celebration of creativity and learning like no other.

PheedLoop's Vital Role as Event Technology Partner

As the official Event Technology Partner of CSE Live EventFest, PheedLoop played a pivotal role in elevating the event experience. The hybrid mobile event app offered attendees the convenience of accessing crucial event information on their smartphones, facilitating seamless navigation and interaction throughout the festival.

Event registration, another integral aspect powered by PheedLoop, streamlined the check-in process, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry for all attendees. The onsite badge printing further added to the professionalism and quick processing of registrations.

Empowering Learning with PheedLoop's Learning Lab

One of the standout features at CSE Live EventFest was PheedLoop's Learning Lab, where event professionals had the opportunity to participate in insightful tutorials on a range of topics. From mastering the functionalities of the PheedLoop platform to leveraging the potential of ChatGPT and Canva, attendees gained valuable insights that could revolutionize their event strategies and engagements.

Acknowledging Excellence and Success

CSE Live EventFest owes much of its triumph to the unwavering efforts of key individuals like Stacy Wyatt and Jason Koop. Their exceptional event planning and execution skills ensured an outstanding experience for everyone involved. Additionally, the collective efforts of exhibitors and enthusiastic attendees contributed to the event's resounding success.

A Glimpse into the Future

As this year's EventFest comes to a close, the anticipation for the next edition is already building up. PheedLoop looks forward to continuing its partnership with CSE Live and Evergreen Brick Works, fueling innovation and excellence in the events industry!


CSE Live EventFest 2023 marked a milestone in the events industry, bringing together passionate event professionals and leading vendors in a celebration of creativity and learning. PheedLoop's indispensable contributions as the official Event Technology Partner ensured a seamless and rewarding experience for all attendees and exhibitors. As the event industry evolves, the collaboration between PheedLoop and CSE Live sets a precedent for future events to be even more engaging, impactful, and memorable. With a successful EventFest behind us, the stage is set for an even brighter and more innovative future for the events industry, and PheedLoop is excited to be at the forefront of this transformative journey.

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