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May 27, 2020
Product Updates

New Virtual Event Push Notification Features to Engage Attendees and Sponsors!

New Virtual Event Push Notification Features to Engage Attendees and Sponsors!

With virtual events having reached a level of popularity likely rivaled only by Pogs and Bell Bottoms at this point, we’re launching new updates and exciting changes just about everyday to bring you the best virtual event experiences possible.

As always, we share one new feature every week and this week's is subtle but powerful - new web-based push notifications for virtual events. One of the trends we’ve noticed with all the virtual events we’ve powered, from conferences to trade shows, is how much the format has changed relative to their in-person counterparts.

Without the constraints of time, space, or capacity on-site events impose, one change we’ve seen most prominently is planners choosing to extend their event experience from 1-3 packed days of awesomeness to a few days or even weeks. A huge shift.

This shift opens up the opportunity to turn your event from an experience to a community. Your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and staff all feel like they are on a days or weeks long journey together.

To encourage networking, video calling and sponsor/exhibitor engagement even while your event is “offline”, we’ve launched a bunch of upgrades to our push notification system for virtual events.

Native Web Push Notifications

Unlike event apps, most people access the virtual event experience from laptop/desktop experiences, so traditional mobile push notifications aren’t good enough. PheedLoop’s virtual event portal hooks into an attendee’s notification system built-in to their computer. So even if they’ve exited the event entirely and closed down their browser, they will get background push notifications alerting them of direct messages, video calls, and announcements.

Connected to PheedLoop’s Communications System

PheedLoop’s communication system already offers powerful options to automate and target email and mobile push notifications. Now, you can also use all the same settings to power native web push notifications! Combine everything from automatic scheduling to session, tag and ticket based targeting to curate the perfect virtual event push notification experience!

Embedded in Virtual Event Portal

We also launched a new notification center right inside the virtual event portal itself, which allows attendees to receive real-time notifications for event announcements, video calls, and direct messages! Notifications pop-up in the portals as well, so your attendees never miss a chance to connect or stay informed.

Stay tuned for next week’s updates! Our engineers are hard at work, and excited to make some big announcements in June. We hope you enjoy the summer safely and responsibly, and we can’t wait to see you on the show floor soon!

If you’re interested in learning more about virtual events at PheedLoop, drop us a quick request here and we’ll send you pricing, on-demand demos, and more within minutes.

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