New Virtual Event Gamification, FREE until July 31st! Leader Boards, Prizes, Sponsorship, and More!

It’s finally here! For this week’s product announcement, we’re so excited to announce that we’ve ported over our highly sought after gamification module to the virtual event portal, and it’s better than ever. It combines leaderboards, marketplaces and prize redemption, sponsorship, and lots of ways to create opportunities to engage attendees.

Gamification in the virtual event portal is an add-on and we’re offering it for free to new customers who sign up before the end of July, 2020. It’s also free for current users of the web/mobile event app module!

Quick Summary of Functionality

  • Create custom codes in your dashboard and associate points to them
  • Optionally create custom prizes (often sponsored) and assign quantities and points
  • Sprinkle your codes out throughout your event (sessions, exhibitor booths, lobby, social, etc.)
  • Attendees enter codes to redeem points and track their progress on a leader board
  • Attendees redeem points for your exciting prizes
  • You accumulate data from each code entered, giving you insight into event engagement

Diving in Deeper

Gamification is one of those tricky concepts because it’s somewhat of a buzzword that every event planner gets curious and excited about, but without the right product and a lot of creativity, it can fall flat and only a small portion of your users will actually engage.

For that reason, our gamification system at large is designed based on a few key concepts that influence how we approach incentivized engagement for PheedLoop powered events:

Inclusive - It’s critical that there are several ways to earn points, not just something like scanning someone’s badge - which empowers only the most ravenous attendees to participate leaving others in their wake. We’ve developed a system that allows you to incentivize attendees with points for a variety of actions, and we’re adding many virtual specific ones to the virtual event system soon.

Rewarding - There’s no point to earning points for your actions as an attendee if you don’t know what the reward is, or if it feels unattainable. So, we’ve brought our ever-popular marketplace to the virtual event’s gamification system, allowing you to populate prizes right into the system ready for redemption. From gift cards and swag, to vacations and cars, we’ve seen it all at this point!

Data-Driven - Games are fun, but what’s in it for you, the event planner? Simply put, gamification should be a lot more than an attempt to relive our Chuck E. Cheese days (which we miss dearly!) The truth is, every gamification point is actually a data point. Whether that data point is to track booth attendance, session engagement, or sponsor attention, an inclusive and flexible gamification tool helps you learn more about your attendees.

Sponsor Ready - Whether they are sponsored prizes in the marketplace that attendees are battling it out for, or surprise ways to earn points for engaging with your sponsors, there are several new options that open up to get your sponsors recognized.

Flow Control - Something event planners often struggle with is getting attendees to follow a certain pattern of behaviour that they feel makes the most sense for their event - say, getting attendees to visit booths during the trade show hours instead of playing with their hacky sacks in the hallway. This is even harder virtually, and maybe impossible in some cases - which isn’t a bad thing. PheedLoop’s gamification system allows you to control the flow of attendee behaviour by variably adjusting the incentives/point values for certain actions at different times in the day and announcing that. So during certain hours, attendees get double the points for visiting an exhibitor booth than they normally would, for example. Wait, did we just gamify the gamification system?

What’s Next

We’re working aggressively to roll out an update to deploy the full power of PheedLoop’s virtual event gamification system which would include new gamification ready touch points that you can assign points to, creating even more ways to gather data and reward good behaviour.

We’re also working even harder on other major updates, such as a native streaming and meeting service, AI driven attendee matchmaking, group calls, video booths, and more. Stay tuned, as always!

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