New Virtual Event File Sharing for Career Fairs and Trade Shows!

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Before we jump into our weekly product announcements, we’d like to take a moment to wish you and your community safety, health, and peace during these trying times. Our organization isn’t one to be overly vocal on social media or other platforms, but we are making commitments by offering all our products and services in-kind to organizations bringing awareness to the most difficult social and cultural challenges of our time. We deeply respect and are inspired by the incredible efforts made by certain organizations and events we have the privilege to serve and partner with in this capacity, and are grateful to have such a diverse group of event planners in the PheedLoop family. We know that events, be they in-person or virtual, are among the most powerful vehicles to spread positive messages and ideas, and we’ll keep doing what we do best by building technology that helps you share what you value and cherish with our team, and the entire world.

This week, PheedLoop is proud to release another highly anticipated feature for virtual and hybrid events - file sharing! With the influx of virtual career fairs and trade shows using PheedLoop’s systems, we’ve put our foot on the gas and released an awesome new system that allows attendees to share files with each other, and with exhibitors.

These files can be resumes shared with exhibiting employers automatically via our lead retrieval system, presentations and brochures shared between attendees to market and sell products, or anything else.

This feature is freely available to all events using PheedLoop’s virtual and in-person event solutions, and is integrated with the virtual event portal, event app, attendee portals, exhibitor portals, and more.

  • Virtual attendees can upload as many files as they want via their settings area
  • Files can be private so that they are only shared, if allowed on a case by case basis by the attendee, with exhibitors
  • Files can be public so that they are visible to all attendees at an event
  • We’ve added a built-in PDF viewer to make it super fast and seamless to view files without leaving the PheedLoop system
  • Attendees can select whether they’d like an exhibitor who has captured their information via the lead retrieval function to access their files or not

In addition to this update, we’ve launched a few other small ones over the last week that we’re excited to share, mainly focused on virtual events!

  • Automatic redirect URL that you can set once your event is over to route anyone accessing your event to a PheedLoop or third-party landing page
  • Enhanced speaker profiles views in sessions, to share more details with participants about your awesome speakers
  • Built-in emoji selector for all chat areas, because we’ve been blown away by how much people love the context-aware chat system
  • Built-in auto-linker for chat messages so that attendees can paste clickable links for everyone to enjoy
  • Add-to-calendar button for all sessions, allowing your attendees to add (with reminders) your sessions to their personal Google, Outlook, Apple or custom calendars
  • Additional filters for your attendee and exhibitor lists to enable faster searches and sorts

If you think all these updates are great, just wait until you see what we’ve got in store for next week’s edition of PheedLoop’s product newsletter! We’re looking forward to helping you take your virtual exhibit hall experience to a whole new level. Stay tuned!

If you aren’t using PheedLoop yet and you’d like to get a demo or pricing information, drop us a request here and we’ll get you set up or just email us at

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