NEW Updates to Membership Management!

It’s been a few months since PheedLoop launched its Community and Member Management Module back in 2022, and the response from our clients has been overwhelming. We have had countless clients using our Free Membership Preview, and many more have signed up for the full version of the system. Based on feedback and requests collected from clients, we have been hard at work developing new features for our Membership Management Module.

In this blog post, we are excited to share three big updates that we have recently made to our Membership Management Module, including Organization Membership, Contact Notes, and Membership Checkout. These updates are designed to help organizations better manage their memberships, build stronger relationships with their members, and make it easier for prospective members to join!

Group Membership

One of the most significant updates that we have made to Membership Management is the ability to manage memberships on a company level. We call this Group Membership within Membership Management. This update is particularly important for Membership-Based Organizations that sell memberships to entities such as Schools, Corporations, Organizations, and Institutions. 

With Group Membership, each organization will have the ability to assign managers to their group. These individuals will receive admin capabilities and act as their entity's key contact. In addition, organizations can assign individual memberships to individuals that are part of their entity. Group membership managers will be able to view individual memberships and their details.

With Group Membership, organizations can manage their memberships more efficiently, while also empowering the group membership managers to manage their own experience. This powerful feature will be particularly useful for large organizations with multiple members who need to be managed individually.

Contact Notes

PheedLoop's Community Management platform is designed to help our clients build relationships with their members and communicate with them. A huge part of this is the data and information that our clients have for their members. Whether they are just starting a new relationship with a member or updating a previous member's information, notes are highly valuable because they help track important historical information, ensure all members of the team have the same type of information, and create follow-ups for them.

We are excited to announce that PheedLoop's Community Management now has Contact Notes! This is a way to keep a textual record of information on a per contact basis. Please note that all contact notes are internal and cannot be seen by contacts. With Contact Notes, clients can: 

  • Create as many contact notes as they like, with a time stamp on each note. 
  • Have the ability to export contact notes when downloading reports. 
  • Track historical information and send follow-ups to members 

Building strong relationships with members is critical to the success of any organization, and we believe that this new Contact Notes feature will help our clients manage their members more efficiently by giving them a centralized location to store important information about their members.

Membership Checkout

Using PheedLoop's Organization Website, our clients are now able to not only market and share information with prospective members, but they can also have prospective members purchase a membership autonomously. This ensures that anyone, no matter what time of day, is able to buy a membership and instantly get access to membership-specific data and features.

With Membership Checkout, our clients can enable members and contacts who are not yet members of their organization to purchase membership through the self-service member management website. They can also collect form details during the checkout process, allow the purchase of multiple memberships or Group Memberships, and enable existing members to renew their memberships.

Furthermore, event admins have the capability of approving members as they make purchases through the Membership Checkout. We believe that Membership Checkout will make it easier for our clients to manage their memberships by automating the membership purchase process.

Wrap Up

PheedLoop's new updates to its Community and Membership Management Module provide organizations with powerful new tools to manage their memberships, build stronger relationships with their members, and make it easier for prospective members to join. The Group Membership, Contact Notes, and Membership Checkout features are just the beginning, and we expect more exciting updates to come.

Stay tuned to hear more exciting updates in regards to Group Membership, and other updates that we’ll be making to our Community and Membership Management Module in the near future! If you have any questions or you’re interested in learning more about PheedLoop’s Membership Management Module, don’t hesitate to reach out to

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