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August 25, 2021
Product Updates

New Templates and Themes for Virtual Events, Dark Mode, and More Customization Options!

New Templates and Themes for Virtual Events, Dark Mode, and More Customization Options!

New Promotion! To celebrate the launch of PheedLoop’s new hybrid, virtual and in-person live event polling and Q&A system (read more here), we’re offering the Advanced Audience Interaction power-up for free for the first 500 new and returning customers signing up before August 31, 2021 (who have not received any other promotions)!

Here’s an exciting update for PheedLoop users running virtual events on the platform (many new on-site features coming soon too!) - new templates and themes for your virtual event portal.

PheedLoop Virtual Events Theme Solid Mode

New Themes

We just released two brand new themes that are designed to adjust the colors of your events to take your branding options to a whole new level. The two themes, called “Solid” and “Dark” flip the colors around from the “Default” template that allow you to have an entire portal designed based on your primary brand color or a dark theme giving you PheedLoop in “Dark Mode”.

Tweaking this theme is very easy, all you need to do is visit your design settings and select a new theme. You can layer on top of the theme you select additional custom CSS markup to further enhance and customize the appearance to your liking.

PheedLoop Virtual Events Theme Dark Mode

Unlimited Customization Potential

One of the things event planners love about PheedLoop is the unprecedented level of customization and flexibility it offers from a design and UX perspective. Most platforms on the market today are rigid and offer little to no customization options aside from standard parameters that can be tweaked like colors and logos.

With PheedLoop, because we allow customization of CSS and Javascript within our web portals, event planners and their teams are able to totally customize the look and feel of their events. We’ve seen some incredible modifications to the point that we aren’t even able to recognize our own platform, and even create templates that they sell to other event planners!

Coming Up Next

We’re always trying to provide new opportunities for events to show off their brand in the best way possible. We have more themes in development that go beyond just colors and start playing with layouts, structure, and overall user experience.

We’re also launching our own SDK (Software Development Kit), different from an API, that will allow you to trigger special functions to customize PheedLoop even further.

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