New Registration Module is Now LIVE on PheedLoop + Added Features

If you’ve been keeping up with our recent product updates, you may have heard about our newly-refreshed Registration System, which is a huge step-up from the old system, both in terms of looks and functionality. Our product team has been hard at work fine-tuning the module over the past several months, so we are extremely excited to announce that the new Registration System is officially LIVE in the back-end dashboard for PheedLoop customers to try out! To learn more about the new Registration, check out our support article.

While we’re still in the early stages of releasing the new Registration system, we’re constantly working on improving the product so that our event admins have a great system that they can rely on, with tons of customization and advanced features, based on their specific event needs. 

Key Features

The previous Registration update only scratched the surface of what our system is capable of, but now we're taking it to the next level. There are a few extra features that we’ve managed to add since our original product announcement. Some of these note-worthy features include: 

  • Custom Categories: Tailor the registration process to your specific event needs. Create different categories for Attendees, Delegates, Sponsors, Members, Speakers, Exhibitors, etc. Each category can have its own settings such as required forms, discounts, tickets, required fields, whitelist/blacklist, and much more!
  • Embeddability: Seamlessly integrate the registration process into your event website, or any third party website where you want people to register.
  • New Styling & Customization Options: Paired with the new Event Website, you now have a long list of options to style the flow and match the registration process with your event's branding.
  • Simplified Registration Process: If you’re running a simple event, you can streamline the registration flow and have people sign up for your event at the click of a button by having only one registration category, disabling forms, and enabling simple registration.
  • Advanced Features: Whitelist or blacklist emails to allow only the appropriate individuals to access a particular workflow, enforce unique emails, enable/disable group checkout, configure location-based tax codes for certain tickets and not others (especially powerful for hybrid events where in-person attendees pay tax based on where the event is located whereas virtual attendees pay tax based on where they are located), and more.
  • Fully Integrated with Community & Member Management: Allows you to seamlessly offer member-only tickets and discounts.
  • Upcoming Features: Keep a look out for advanced workflow logic such as enforcing mandatory seat and schedule selection steps before checkout, custom forms/questions per ticket, and much more!

Custom Categories

One of the most important features of the new Registration System is the ability to create custom categories. This means you can configure restriction-specific settings for each custom category created. This includes the ability to whitelist or blacklist emails, set category-based taxation, and enforce unique emails. You can also disable group checkout, which is a popular request from events on PheedLoop. 

By linking a registration category to a PheedLoop Member Management Membership Type, you can also offer discounted or free tickets to certain member types within your organization. This allows you to offer member-only tickets, or create diverse registration categories with different options such as attendees, delegates, sponsors, and more. This level of customization and control over the registration process will simplify and streamline the experience for both you and your participants. 

Embeddability & Customizations

Another key feature of the new Registration System – embeddability! With the new Registration module, you can easily embed the Registration form into any website, opening up a world of options for you to market your event over various platforms and mediums. 

Not only is the new Registration System packed with powerful features, but it also boasts improved styling and customizability. It comes with a fresh, new design that is built for our new Event Website, making it easy to customize and style to match your event's branding. It’s even mobile-friendly, ensuring that your registration form looks great on any device.

No Ticket Registration

The new Registration System simplifies the registration process. By having only one registration category, disabling forms, and enabling simple registration, an attendee can sign up for your event in just a few clicks. Additionally, our no-ticket registration will allow you to attach a custom form. The entire registration workflow can be granularly controlled to make it fit your specific event needs.

Coming Soon!

In the future, we're planning on adding even more exciting features to Registration, including mandatory seat and schedule selection steps, custom forms per ticket, and more. We're also working on further integrating our registration system with our Member Management module, so you can offer advanced options for member-only tickets, discounts, etc.!

Wrap Up

No matter the size or type of event you're planning, PheedLoop's new Registration System has the capabilities to fit your needs. Say goodbye to the limitations and outdated features of your old registration system and say hello to the future of 360° event management with PheedLoop. Switch to the new Registration System on your back-end dashboard today and see the difference it can make. With its advanced features, customization options and seamless integrations, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. And if you are using Community & Member Management, there’s a lot more you can do with the new Registration, with custom categories and discounts that you can make available to certain membership types. 

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