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February 9, 2023
Product Updates

NEW Offline Badge Printing Capabilities for On-Site & Hybrid Events!

NEW Offline Badge Printing Capabilities for On-Site & Hybrid Events!

As an event manager, you are well aware of the various challenges and obstacles that come with organizing a successful event. From managing attendees to coordinating with different vendors and stakeholders, the job can be quite demanding. And one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that the first point of contact with attendees - the badge printing and check-in process - runs seamlessly. 

You've probably seen the frustration of your attendees when something goes wrong at onsite check-in, and when you have a million other things going on during a large event, this is not a situation you want to be in. This is where PheedLoop steps in - offering a solution that takes the stress out of the onsite check-in and badge printing process. Our platform has been designed with the event organizer in mind, and we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient system in place. When it comes to onsite check-in, we've got you covered.

Offline Printing Overview 

Our rental printers are incredibly reliable, but we know that sometimes technology can let us down. That's why we've come up with two backup options that you can use to manually print badges without needing to connect to the internet. This feature is truly a game changer for onsite events, and it should give you peace of mind knowing that you have workable backup options in place, should there be any technical difficulties.

PheedLoop is proud to announce new offline printing capabilities for its rental printers. You now have the option to print to any rental printer connected to your computer via USB. Alternatively, you are able to export attendee badges as a PDF. Our solution is super user-friendly, allowing event managers to easily switch between the two options, depending on their needs. This ensures that you can run a seamless event check-in experience even if your venue loses internet access. 

Option A: Connect Your Zebra Printer to Local Computer via USB

The first option involves downloading Zebra software and implementing it into your PC or Mac. We recommend setting aside an afternoon a few weeks before your event to test and become familiar with this workflow. By doing so, when you click on "Print Badge'' in the attendee dashboard, you will be able to select the USB printer, choose your template, and print the badge. This option is our top recommendation for those using PheedLoop's onsite Badge Printer solutions, as it offers the most seamless experience. You can learn more about this process in this support article

Option B: Create a PDF of Your Badge Print

The second option allows you to print badges without selecting a printer. To do this, simply go into the attendee tab, find your attendee, and click on "Print Badge". Choose your template, and a PDF of your badge will be exported. You can use this PDF however you wish. This option offers a quick and easy solution for event managers who need to export badges as PDFs on the fly. You can learn more about this process in this support article

Wrap Up

At PheedLoop, we're always looking for ways to be adaptive and progressive while providing the best experience possible for event managers. With the introduction of these two backup options for onsite badge printing, we're confident that you will have the most reliable and stress-free on-site event experience possible.

Next time you're planning an event, rest assured that PheedLoop has got you covered. Whether you're printing through USB or simply choosing a template, these options ensure that your attendees will have a streamlined and delightful event check-in experience, no matter what happens. 

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